What is the best windows 8 tablet?

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What is the best Windows 8 tablet?

With its flat design and tile-based layout, Windows 8 translates seamlessly from desktop and laptop computers to tablets. These portable devices have become more popular at home and in the workplace because of their versatility. Consumers looking for a tablet that operates on Windows 8 have an array of options. Lenovo’s line of ThinkPad tablets offers leading internal technology and high-resolution displays. The right tablet computer depends on your needs, and Lenovo tablets can meet your demands at home or in the workplace.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad Tablet series offers users convenience and performance in a compact package. Intel processors power this line of Windows 8-compatible tablets, which features convertible devices and conventional tablets. HD displays provide users with a clear view of Window 8’s intuitive display. Professionals can equip their ThinkPad Tablet with Windows 8 Pro, the recommended system in a business environment. Enjoy up to 10 hours of battery life on these efficient devices. ThinkPad Tablets can handle long days of use, whether you’re formatting documents or browsing the web. Rear and front-view cameras provide you with photo and video chat capabilities. These go-to tablets conform to any environment and have the features to support even high-bandwidth computing.

Windows 8 is the ideal operating system for tablet computers. Its simple interface and intuitive touch-screen navigation enhance user experience throughout the system. Stock programs are just the beginning. The Windows Store enables users to customize their devices with the application they need to get through the day. Whether it’s a photo editor, music service or accounting suite, the program you need to just a couple taps away.

What’s the best Windows 8 tablet for work?

The trend toward tablet computing has spread to the business world, where professionals are using their portable devices to conduct day-to-day work functions on the go. Windows is perhaps the most popular operating system in a professional environment, so it’s no wonder professionals are searching for tablets that run Windows 8. Fortunately, Lenovo offers a pair of high-performance tablets that can help professionals thrive in the workplace.

The ThinkPad Tablet series is light in weight but heavy on features. With HD displays and Intel processors, this line tablet promotes performance inside and out. Users can add Microsoft Office applications to the ThinkPad Tablet series. Sync it with your desktop and laptop to access documents from any device.

Professionals who are looking for the performance of a laptop with the convenience of a tablet need look no further. The ThinkPad tablet series includes convertible devices that can function as traditional laptop or detach to become a portable tablet. If you like the idea of a tablet but do not want to sacrifice the functionality of a traditional laptop, the ThinkPad series can deliver the best of both worlds. Windows 8 is a multi-platform operating system, and the ThinkPad series will give you all the perks of this cutting-edge operating system in a mobile package.

What is the best Windows 8 convertible tablet?

Tablet computers deliver unprecedented convenience and portability, but they lack some of conventional features that users have come to expect. Browsing the Internet on a tablet computer is convenient, but when it’s time to type out a lengthy document, a traditional keyboard helps. Convertible laptops provide the best of both worlds. These unique devices look like traditional laptops but feature detachable screens that function as tablets. This cutting-edge hardware deserves high-performance operating systems, and Windows 8 is the companion to this hardware.

Lenovo offers a number of leading convertible tablets, starting with the ThinkPad series. These Windows 8-compatible devices features an Intel processors and high-resolution display. Keep the keyboard attached to enjoy the convenience of a laptop or detach the screen to take your tablet on the go. The ThinkPad series comes in four work modes: laptop, tablet, stand and Tablet+, which provides access to more ports than a standard tablet. Combined with Microsoft office and other Windows 8 apps, these Ultrabooks are particularly effective in the workplace.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga series convertibles don’t come apart. Instead, the screens fold over to convert these laptops into Windows 8 tablets. With an available Intel Core processor and HD display, the Yoga series offers performance in any mode.

What is the best Windows 8 entertainment tablet?

Tablet computers have an array of functions and capabilities, but they’re designed to entertain. From the touch-screen navigation to the high-definition displays, these modern devices promote fun on the go. Whether you’re listening to music, streaming movies or playing games, tablets are the hot platform for computing entertainment.

Combined with Windows 8, Lenovo tablets offer all the performance you could ask for in an entertainment tablet. The ThinkPad Tablet series has all the features you could ask for in a portable device. These high-performance tablets feature an Intel processor, high-definition displays and up to 10 hours of battery life, perfect for those movie marathons while you’re curled up on the couch.

The ThinkPad Tablet series has available mobile broadband capabilities, so you can enjoy your tablet from anywhere with a cell connection. If you’re looking for a little more versatility in your device, the ThinkPad series features convertible laptops that can detach to become tablets. Entertainment meets function with these cutting-edge devices.

Windows 8 has transformed these tablets into full-fledged entertainment units. The Windows Store features apps that deliver a wide variety of entertainment. Spotify Premium users can stream music from their tablets through the Spotify app. Netflix subscribers have access to a large database of movies and TV shows through the Netflix app. If you’re looking to unwind, kick back with the ever-popular Angry Birds app. All these things and more are at your disposal with a few taps on your tablet.

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