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As you think about the mouse you may want, be sure to check out our other accessories and coordinate them all, from portable monitors to earbuds and speakers, technology is becoming better, more convenient, and a whole lot more fun.

Your computer is a portal into an endless world of entertainment. Whether that's staying connected with friends online, playing the latest games, creating content, or watching movies and shows, the tools you use should be an extension of who you are.

Mice design and mini keyboards are a great way to express your style, personality, and uniqueness. Let's explore how different designs suit all the different ways you use technology for online socialising, studying, and following your passions.

For gamers

We get it; gamers are focused on performance above all else. Whether you're competing in your favourite MMORPG or building stunning worlds in online games, you want reliable input devices that match your energy.

A black mouse is a popular choice for gamers worldwide. It's classic, no-nonsense, and won't distract you when you're in the heat of the battle.

Of course, you can't dominate the leaderboard with a mouse alone. For many online games, you also need a comfortable, illuminated, and high-performance keyboard. The Logitech MX Keys Mini <insert link for Logitech MX Keys Mini on Lenovo site>is a great choice for gaming, and it is super portable.

For content creators

Content creators make the internet go round. Whether you're live streaming, editing videos of the hottest dance channels, or doing haul reviews or how-to vlogs, bringing your personality into your work is what makes it unique and relatable.

Your mouse is one of the trustiest tools of your trade when you spend hours online crafting valuable content. So, why not choose a model that oozes as much charm as you do?

The Logitech POP Wireless Mouse with Customizable Emojis is an eye-catching rose colour  mouse made from eco-friendly recycled plastic. It also has a special custom button for emojis so that you can send your favorite emoji with just a tap.

For coders

If you're a future coding genius, you'll spend a lot of time huddled at your desk, mastering languages and object libraries. Your mouse and keyboard need to be comfortable, precise, and wireless so that you can stay in the flow.

When it comes to color, a lot of coders like to keep things as simple and clean as their code. That's one of the big reasons why you'll see your coding heroes with a black or grey mouse on their desks.

So, if you need a grey keyboard that will provide minimal distraction, have a look at the Logitech MX Keys Mini in Grey. It's designed for fast typing and maximum comfort, while being light and portable.

For designers

Young designers are very particular about what they need from a mouse. Naturally, you want precision, accuracy, and smooth tracking over a wide variety of surfaces. Next, your mouse needs to feel good, too. And, of course, because you're obsessed with aesthetics, it needs to look great.

The Logitech POP Collection are the obvious choice for teens with a passion for creative design. With vibrant colourways, you'll find something that sits well with your style.

For social media enthusiasts

Social media enthusiasts love the bling, energy, and drama of their favourite content creators and online personalities. If you spend all your time finding the wildest viral videos and chatting to your friends, you need a mouse that matches your vibe.

The Logitech Pop Mouse with Emoji in Heartbreaker Rose is the perfect tool for social media users. It's bold and expressive and the ideal way to spice up your message with your favorite emoji.

Your world, your tech

When you're a teen, you want to get out there and explore the world, both online and offline. At Lenovo, we know that teens want tech that speaks to their values, whether that's a mouse made from sustainable materials, a reliable gaming keyboard, or an emoji mouse that means a fire emoji is just a tap away.

Your mouse and mini-keyboards a trendy way to express who you are and what you want from your technology. So go big!

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A wireless mouse is a computer mouse that connects to your device without a cable. Instead, it uses radio frequency to connect to a USB port on your device or by pairing via Bluetooth.

Wireless mice have many great benefits, including controlling a computer over a wider range, no tangled cables, and increased portability for teens on the go.

A mini-keyboard is a compact version of a standard-sized keyboard. By removing the numeric keyboard and other less essential function keys, they free up space and make the keyboard more portable.

Mini-keyboards are very adaptable and allow you to work in a wider range of environments. They are also light and easy to carry around and have several ergonomic benefits. 

One of the big advantages of mini-keywords is that they are ergonomic. They’re particularly suitable for people with slender frames and shoulders, such as teens. Some of the benefits of their design include reduced shoulder strain and better posture.

Mini-keyboards and wireless mice connect to devices using either a USB receiver or by pairing with a Bluetooth connection. Both connections are quick, easy to set up, and very stable.

Both input devices need battery power. That power is provided by replaceable batteries or rechargeable batteries.

Yes, you can use a mouse with tablets and smartphones. However, much depends on the particular model. If your tablet or smartphone has Bluetooth, you can pair it with your mouse. Similarly, you can use a USB OTG adapter to convert your tablet or smartphone port into a receiver for your mouse.

A lot depends on how frequently you use your wireless mouse and the type of batteries used. 

A wireless mouse connects to a device using a USB dongle (for example radio frequency or infrared), while a Bluetooth mouse uses Bluetooth technology and doesn’t require a USB dongle.

Typically, a wireless mouse with a dedicated USB dongle is faster. There are a few factors to consider here. Latency, which measures the time it takes for a signal to travel between your mouse and your computer, is typically shorter with a wireless mouse. Additionally, interference is reduced because wireless USB mice operate on their own frequency. 

For most users, the speed differences will be unnoticeable. However, competitive gamers might find them an issue. 

Whether mini keyboards are more comfortable depends on the individual and other design factors. Mini keyboards like the Logitech MX Keys Mini were built for comfort and extended use. Similarly, a mini-keyboard might suit teens or people with slenderer builds and shoulders.

Yes, mini keyboards are a great idea for gamers because they free up desk space, allowing you to move your mouse around more freely. Well-designed keyboards like the Logitech MX Keys Mini are suitable for longer gaming sessions because of their ergonomic design, which positions your hands in a more natural position.

While it’s not guaranteed, most smart TVs will support a mini keyboard. You can pair them via Bluetooth or plug your USB receiver into the TV, allowing you to type comfortably and say goodbye to cumbersome remote control navigation. 

Backlit keyboards look cool, but that’s not their only benefit. They’re also a great option for low-light visibility, which is excellent for late-night gaming sessions. Backlit keyboards also allow for better accuracy, which means you’ll use the backspace key a lot less when you’re turning in an essay with a looming deadline.

A custom mouse helps you find the right mouse that fits the rest of your setup. That could mean matching your room, laptop, mouse mat, or anything else in your environment. 

An emoji mouse is a computer mouse with customisable buttons that you can use to trigger your favourite emoji.

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