Simplify Your Cloud & AI Transformation With Lenovo & Nutanix

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Simplify Your Cloud & AI Transformation With Lenovo & Nutanix

Run cloud and AI workloads at any scale, anywhere with end-to-end smart solutions from Lenovo and Nutanix.

Lenovo & Nutanix Partnership for AI

Since 2015, Lenovo & Nutanix have nurtured a strong partnership. Our deep cross-functional collaboration delivers the most advanced and efficient pre-validated AI-ready solutions, delivering the simplicity and freedom to harness the power of AI with flexibility, scalability, and security for any workload from edge to cloud. Watch video to discover our latest AI-ready solutions.

Lenovo & Nutanix Make Hybrid Cloud Infinitely Simple & Cost-Effective

Lenovo offers the latest generation Intel® and AMD CPUs and a wide range of GPU-enabled hyperconverged (HCI) solutions with superior performance and acceleration for dynamic hybrid cloud AI workloads.

Line icon depicting simplified operations

Simplify AI & IT Operations

Leverage the power of Lenovo and Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box™ to seamlessly integrate GenAI and AI/ML applications into your organization while keeping data and applications under control with versatile turnkey HCI solutions.
Line icon depicting faster deployment

Faster Deployment

Quickly deploy AI-ready, pre-validated HCI solutions from Edge-to-Cloud with Lenovo ThinkAgile HX powered by Nutanix Cloud Platform to run AI inferencing, fine-tuning and training workloads.
Line icon depicting improved operational efficiency

Improve Operational Efficiency

Make hybrid cloud simple and cost-effective with up to 79% reduced cost of infrastructure, cloud and application administration delivering up to a 418% ROI 1.
Line icon depicting professional services

Professional Services

Realize incremental savings and speed to innovation with Lenovo TruScale Professional Services to create an AI strategy, and design and implement a solution through an Infrastructure-as-a-Service model.

Lenovo & Nutanix Customer Success Stories

Learn how Lenovo & Nutanix are helping customers solve problems, inspire new thinking, and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Doctor and patient in medical facility

Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Leveraging AI to diagnose cancer up to 10x faster Ministry of Healthcare of Kazakhstan accelerated breast cancer screening at 120 hospitals using 14 ThinkAgile HX5520 nodes resulting in 35% increase in early cancer detection.

Person carrying a wooden box full of fresh vegetables

Tavria V

Driving retail excellence across Ukraine. Leading retailer Tavria V reduced infrastructure costs by 40% and increased frequency of data backups by 70% with Lenovo ThinkAgile HX3330 Appliances.

Woman on mobile phone

Jalisco State Government

Building experiences for citizens in the cloud Jalisco State Government used ThinkAgile HX solution virtualized with Nutanix AHV to host more than 70% of government services with reduced complexity and lower cost.

Toyota race car on a wet track


Accelerating the adoption of working remotely Toyota used ThinkAgile HX3320 and Nutanix Cloud Platform to empower design engineers to work from anywhere with a virtual desktop infrastructure for 3D CAD applications.

ThinkAgile HX Solutions

The Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series, pre-integrated with Nutanix software, delivers a seamless hybrid multi-cloud solution, providing the freedom to harness the power of AI with flexibility, scalability, and security across workloads from edge to cloud.

Front view of ThinkAgile HX Series hardware

ThinkAgile HX Series

Our ThinkAgile HX Series portfolio covers a wide range of workloads, pre-integrated AI solutions and use cases for all industry verticals. Visit our product page and learn more about our latest solutions.

Front, top view of Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Solution

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Solutions

An optimized and cost-effective ThinkAgile HX hybrid multi-cloud solution with Nutanix Cloud Platform enables data and application portability and comprehensive lifecycle management with XClarity and Nutanix Prism.

Front, left view of ThinkSystem SE350

Edge Solutions

Compact, ruggedized edge solutions designed to bring high processing power, storage, and network to where data is created in retail, manufacturing, and healthcare industries.

Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series - front facing 3 stack

Containerization With Red Hat

The Red Hat OpenShift on ThinkAgile HX configuration provides a best-in-class solution for building, scaling, and managing cloud-native applications on-premises and in hybrid cloud environments.


1 Enterprise Strategy Group Economic Validation, "The Economic Benefits of Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series, Powered by the Nutanix Cloud Platform," May 2024. [↑]

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