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With a market that seems to be introducing new monitors daily, you may feel overwhelmed by the countless options available. There are so many different sizes, resolutions, refresh rates, and other factors to consider to find the perfect monitor. How do you know what’s the best one for you?  

This monitor buying guide will help you navigate all the options and find a monitor that will take your computing experience to new heights.  

How to Choose the Best Computer Monitor 

Before browsing the buying your new monitor you should know the features you want.  Consider the following when researching monitor choices: 


The size of your computer monitor affects your overall viewing experience. But we’re not saying that bigger is always better — it ultimately comes down to what works best for you. You can choose a small, less than 23-inch monitor, such as a 22-inch monitor, or a big, 49-inch monitor.

The ideal size depends on various factors, such as your desk space, viewing distance, and personal preference. A larger screen can plunge you inside the action if you're into gaming or multimedia content. On the other hand, if you have limited desk space or sit closer to your screen, a smaller size might be more suitable.


Think about how you plan to use your monitor. Are you a gamer seeking an immersive experience with smooth graphics? Or are you a graphic designer who needs accurate color representation?

Different monitors cater to specific needs. Look for monitors with high refresh rates and low response times for gaming. If color accuracy is vital, consider monitors with an In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel.

If you use your monitor for long periods, consider an ergonomic monitor with eye care features like flicker-free technology and blue light filters to reduce eye strain. Understanding your usage requirements will help you narrow the options and find a monitor tailored to your specific activities.


Resolution determines the level of detail and sharpness in the visuals displayed on your monitor. A higher resolution means clearer and more lifelike images. The most common resolutions on the market are Full HD (1920 x 1080), Quad HD (2560 x 1440), and Ultra HD, also known as 4K (3840 x 2160).

For everyday tasks like web browsing and document editing, an FHD monitor will suffice. However, if you work with multimedia content or enjoy gaming, consider going for higher resolutions like Quad HD or 4K monitors for a more immersive visual experience.


The connection type of your monitor determines how it will be connected to your computer or other devices. Ask yourself, how do you want to connect laptop to monitor? USB-C, High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), DisplayPort, and VGA are the most common connection types. 

A monitor with USB-C ports is more versatile as it supports power, data, and video transmission. HDMI is a standard connection for most devices and supports high-definition video and audio. 

A monitor with DisplayPort is designed with high-resolution displays in mind. Since the connection supports high refresh rates, it’s ideal for gamers and professionals who require fast, smooth visuals. 

While VGA is an older analog connection, you will still find it on some monitors and computers.  

Consider the available ports on your laptop or other devices and choose a compatible monitor connection type that suits your needs. 

Refresh rate 

Refresh rate refers to the number of times your monitor updates or refreshes the image on the screen per second, measured in hertz (Hz). The higher the refresh rate, the smoother and more fluid the visuals appear. It's especially crucial for gamers and those who work with fast-paced content, such as action movies or sports. 

A higher refresh rate, like 144Hz, will allow the on-screen action to be displayed more quickly and smoothly, giving you a competitive edge and reducing motion blur. For everyday tasks like web browsing or word processing, a standard 60Hz refresh rate is typically sufficient. 

Panel type 

Panel type refers to the technology used to create the display on your monitor. Different panel types offer strengths and weaknesses, affecting image quality, color accuracy, viewing angles, and response times. 

The three main panel types you'll come across are TN (Twisted Nematic), IPS (In-Plane Switching), and VA (Vertical Alignment). TN panels are known for their super-fast response times, making them popular among gamers. 

On the other hand, IPS panels excel at color accuracy and wide viewing angles. They bring those visuals to life with vibrant and consistent colors, making them perfect for photo editing or graphic design tasks. 

Then we have VA panel monitors, the dynamic balance between TN and IPS. These panels offer deep blacks and high contrast ratios, making them great for immersive media experiences. 

Types of Monitors Available at Lenovo 

At Lenovo, we have different types of computer monitors to suit every budget, size, and resolution need. You can choose from our wide selection, which includes: 

Portable monitors 

Whether you're a frequent traveler or need an extra screen on the fly, Lenovo has the best portable monitor for laptop. These compact and lightweight displays provide the convenience of an additional screen that you can easily carry in your bag.

Connect them to your laptop or smartphone, and voila! It only takes one cable to connect your laptop to monitor and it instantly expands your workspace wherever you go.  

You can choose the M14 or the L15 series for a slim and lightweight portable monitor, and the L15 series offers two USB-C ports.

Curved monitors 

Step into a world of immersive visuals with curved monitors. These sleek displays feature a gentle curve that wraps around your field of view, enhancing your gaming and multimedia experiences. The curvature creates a more natural viewing angle, reducing eye strain.

FHD monitors 

First things first, so what is an FHD monitor? FHD monitors, also known as Full HD monitors, offer crisp and clear visuals with an image resolution of 1080 pixels.

Perfect for everyday tasks, these monitors deliver sharp details and vibrant colors. Whether working, streaming your favorite shows, or indulging in casual gaming, FHD monitors balance affordability and quality.

QHD monitors 

If you crave a step up in resolution, QHD monitors are the way to go. With a resolution of 1440 pixels, these monitors offer greater detail and sharpness. The increased pixel density means more screen real estate and improved clarity.

Gaming monitors 

We have the best gaming monitors designed to elevate your gaming experience with features specifically tailored for gaming enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for the best budget gaming monitor or a monitor that delivers exceptional performance and visuals, there’s an option for you.

You can choose 4K gaming monitors with a whopping resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and enjoy unrivaled clarity and detail. The 4K monitor resolution will allow you to immerse yourself in a world where every texture and color comes alive with incredible precision.

You can opt for 144Hz gaming monitors for buttery-smooth gameplay with ultra-smooth motion and reduced motion blur. The 1440p gaming monitor strikes the perfect balance between resolution and performance. With a resolution of 1440 pixels, these displays offer crisp visuals without putting too much strain on your gaming rig.

USB-C monitors 

Say goodbye to cable clutter with a USB-C monitor. These sleek displays are equipped with USB-C ports, providing a single-cable display and power connectivity solution. Connect your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to enjoy stunning visuals while charging your device simultaneously. 

VGA monitors 

While VGA may be an older connection standard, it still holds its ground in the world of monitors. These monitors offer a reliable and cost-effective display solution, perfect for legacy systems or situations where VGA is the only available option. 

Wireless monitors 

Cut the cord and experience the freedom of wireless monitors. These innovative displays use wireless technologies like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® to connect with your devices. Enjoy the convenience of wire-free setups, where you can effortlessly connect your laptop, smartphone, or streaming devices to the monitor without the hassle of cables. 

Business monitors 

Business monitors come with handy features that enhance productivity and convenience in the workplace. Some of these features include touchscreens, ergonomic stands, quality cameras, and other options designed for professional use.

You can choose from various sizes, including a 23-inch or 24-inch monitor ideal for home or office use. If you want real estate on your screen, you can choose a 28-inch monitor. There are larger options, such as a 32-inch monitor, which will better suit you if you work with complex graphics.

Get the Right Monitor Today 

Now that you know the ins and outs of choosing the perfect monitor, we trust you’ll pick the right one for your needs. Start your search by considering our monitor brands, including Legion, Lenovo, Mobile Pixels, ThinkCentre, and ThinkVision. So go ahead, explore the options, and embark on your journey to find the ideal monitor to bring your digital world to life. 

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