Where can I buy a Lenovo product?

Lenovo.com sells its complete product range online. This means you will always get the latest model, built to your exact needs - delivered to your door free of charge.

Where can I buy Lenovo products for my business?

Lenovo has an extensive and knowledgeable network of business partners who are available to help you choose from a range of PCs, accessories and unique technologies. To find your nearest authorised Lenovo corporate reseller.

How do I configure a laptop for purchase?

Many of Lenovo's computers can be customised to suit your exact requirements. You can choose the processor, operating system, hard drive, memory, warranty or accessory that's right for you.

I'm finding it hard to choose the PC that's right for me. Is there any easier way?

You can narrow down your choice based on price, screen size, processor, operating system, weight or usage. Please email us by hkcs@lenovo.com

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