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Important Information

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Lenovo (Hong Kong) Limited Removal Service Terms and Conditions” and “IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR YOUR ORDER

Lenovo (Hong Kong) Limited Removal Service Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”)


1. Applicable conditions

Customers who purchase computers andmonitors (“Products”), as specified in the Producer Eco-ResponsibilityOrdinance, from the company can request free removal service for the sametype and quantity of used electrical appliances (only applicable to the sametype of regulated electrical appliances 1. & 2.).

2. Location

Any premises in Hong Kong.


3. When to make request

Customers can request removal service by visiting within 3 days after the transaction*. Late requests will be deemed as norequests for the removal service.
* Transaction means the date that thecompany accepts the order from the Customer for Products.  


4. Timing of the removal service

(a) Under normal circumstances, 3 workingdays*are required for arranging the removal service.
(b) The old items at the customers’designated locations will be removed on the date agreed by the Company and thecustomers.
(c) No removal service is available onSundays and public holidays.
* Working days: Monday to Saturday,excluding public holidays.


5. Remarks

(a) The removal service should be separatedfrom the delivery and installation service. The old items pending removal canbe removed in advance or placed temporarily at the premises for collectionlater as appropriate. Customers can contact us for arrangement.
(b) The old items will not be returnedonce collected.
(c) The old items must stand-alone and befreed from other connections or obstacles.
(d) If the old items have serious hygieneissues (e.g. rancid foods, presence of cockroaches and ants, etc.), our staffwill have the right not to remove such items, and there will be no more freeremoval service for the customers.
(e) Customers shall give no less than 2working days' notice in respect of any request for change of delivery time,date and/or place.
(f) In the event of a Black RainstormWarning / Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above, the removal servicewill be suspended and rescheduled.
(g) The company shall not be liable forany delay, suspension or rescheduling due to traffic or adverse weatherconditions or other factors.
(h) All personal data are for the purposeof arranging removal service for the old items only and the company shallcomply fully with the obligations and requirements of the Personal Data(Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486).
(i) Customer shall safeguard Customerdata (including but not limited to confidential information, passwordprotection, encryption, data backup, etc.) prior to the removal services.  In no event shall Lenovo assume any risk orliability whatsoever including but not limited to any data loss or databreach.
(j)In case of any disputes, the decision of the company shall be final.
(k)  If there is anyinconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chineseversion of the Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

1. Computers, generally includingpersonal computer, desktop computer, tablet computer, laptop computer.

2. Monitors not having the function ofstoring electronic data or computing, the size of the display screen is not smallerthan 5.5 inches (measured diagonally) but not exceeding 100 inches (measureddiagonally).


Order Cancellation and Adjustment

Lenovo eShop does NOT accept order cancellation or adjustment once the order is placed. Please confirm your order details before checking out

Shipping and Delivery

Lenovo eShop uses local courier as its standard carrier for all last mile deliveries. It may take an extra 2 – 3 business days for our courier to deliver your order to you after it has arrived our Hong Kong warehouse.
We appreciate your kind understanding that the delivery of monitors and accessories may come separately

Lenovo eShop Return/Exchange Policy

All products purchased or order placed from Lenovo eShop cannot not be canceled, returned or exchanged. If you perceive your product is defective or associated with MWDC (defined as Missing, Wrong, Damaged, or Cosmetic) issues upon receipt, you are welcomed to contact Lenovo eShop customer services representative via within 7 days after receiving the product for assistance. Only after Lenovo eShop inspects the product and verifies it is defective, this product is eligible for exchange.

Lenovo eShop reserves the right for product inspection and issue verification, as well as the final right of decision for any return, exchange or compensation to grant regarding the reported issues.

Payment Options

Lenovo offers a variety of payment options for purchases made on Lenovo eShop, including VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Direct Deposit

For credit card orders

  1. A HKD1 pre-authorization will be requested on your credit card for security verification, it will be cancelled and returned to your credit card immediately.
  2. We will authorize the order total amount on your credit card, this authorization will be expired in 7-15 days and we will re-authorize after the expiry. The first authorized credit will be returned to your credit card.
  3. For full payment order, Lenovo will charge you officially ONLY when your product has been shipped. If your order contained two or more items, payment may be charged separately.
    For installment order,please click here for your information.

For wire transfer orders

We can only process your order after we receive your bank transfer payment. Please send your bank receipt to with your order number (429XXXXXXX) after bank transfer is completed.

For Direct Deposit orders

Please send your bank receipt to with your order number (429XXXXXXX) after payment has been deposited to our bank account

Please deposit the amount to:

  • Account name: Lenovo (Hong Kong) Ltd
  • Bank name: Citibank N.A.HK
  • Bank Code: 006
  • Beneficiary Account No: 3906-the last 5 digits of your order number^
  • ^if your order no. is 4600012345, you will deposit to account no. 3906-12345