What is a factory reset?

Factory reset is a simple process that removes data from tablets or smartphones and restores your Android phone to its original condition.To keep your phone or tablet safe and make... Read More

How to Take a Screenshot on an Android?

Everyone has a lot of data stored on their Android phones, from photos to messages to contact information. If you want to preserve the contents of your phone screen... Read More

How to Update an Android

If you’re wondering or trying to figure out, ‘can I install the latest Android update on my phone on my own?’ or ‘how to update apps on Android,’ you’re about to discover and learn... Read More

What is the Latest Version of Android ?

You may be thinking, ‘what version of Android do I have?’ or, ‘what is the newest Android version?’. We are here to answer all of those questions in this guide to help you understand of Android... Read More

Who invented cell phones and the evolution to smart phones

Are you like the 97 percent of Americans who have a cell phone or smartphone? If so, then it’s probably impossible for you to imagine life without it. But have you ever wondered... Read More

Why Choose Android

It's a question on people's minds: why do people prefer Android? To put it simply - Androids can be customized to your heart's content. It lets users choose their default applications based on their preferences. Android has been designed in such a way that pretty much... Read More

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