What is an Ultrabook™?

An ultrabook™ is a high-end laptop, sleek in design but uncompromising in performance. The term ultrabook™ was coined by Intel, and the market continues to be dominated by devices containing Intel Core processors which give ultrabooks™ impressive performance power. Despite their slight frame, they have the capabilities of larger, bulkier laptops and some desktops. Ultrabooks™ are interesting creatures, as they cover a wide range of uses, have screen sizes that range from 13 to 15 or even 17 inches, and cover broad price ranges.

Originally surfacing in 2011, ultrabooks™ redefined the laptop market by impressing consumers with their stylish, lightweight design. Today, ultrabooks™ continue to dominate the laptop market, as the easiest portability becomes increasingly important to users.

Since their inception, ultrabooks™ have become more impressive in their performance capabilities. When the first ultrabook™ surfaced, the device ran the Huron River platform, which consisted of between 2 to 4 GB RAM capacity, a relatively short five-hour battery life, and between a 1.5 to 1.7 gHz processor. Since then, major improvements have been made to the platform. Ultrabooks™ now run the Chief River platform, which boast more powerful processors.

What to Keep in Mind When Purchasing an Ultrabook™?

It can be confusing to shop for an ultrabook™ as there are so many choices and options. Fear not, for this is a great consumer dilemma to face. One will need to consider price, performance, size and design requirements when deciding on an ultrabook™. First of all, select the price range within your budget. This should narrow down the ultrabooks™ you can choose from. Next, consider what you would like to use your ultrabook™ for. What tasks might you need to complete? This will determine what kind of performance capabilities you require from the ultrabook™, including what kind of core processor, RAM, battery life and portability you require. Finally, consider size and design. Ultrabooks™ are extremely lightweight, convenient, sleek and stylish, and many come with customizable design options to cater to your tastes.

Which Lenovo laptops are Ultrabooks™?

Lenovo offers a great variety of ultrabooks with many options and beautiful, trendy designs. There are two impressive series of ultrabooks™: the Thinkpad series and the Ideapad series. These devices typically weigh in at less than five pounds, making them convenient to carry. They vary in performance capabilities and the right Lenovo ultrabook™ for you depends on how you would like to use it -- although there is something for everyone. For more information on all the different models in these series, visit the Lenovo ultrabook™ page.

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