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Power to Do More: Intel Processor Desktops from Lenovo

Whether it's for work, school, or the home office, there are times that only a standard desktop PC will do. And with an Intel® processor desktop from Lenovo, you'll find yourself doing more.

A high-quality Intel-based desktop delivers the computing power you need, with multiple configurations and form factor options to fit any space. Plus, the wide range of available Intel desktop processors means you can get the exact system you’re looking for – from a simple machine to use for email and web surfing to a feature-packed unit for gaming, video editing, or big data analytics.

On the outside, Lenovo Intel desktops come in all shapes and sizes: traditional desktop units, towers, gaming rigs, space-saving mini PCs, and all-in-ones (a PC with a built-in or semi-attached display screen). At the top of the heap we even offer high-powered workstations (towers or desktops).

It’s on the inside where an Intel-based desktop really shines, however. In fact, even if your current system is just 3-4 years, old, Intel says its latest desktop CPUs and related technology can deliver real advantages:1

  • Create content up to four times faster – Ideal for film makers and musicians.
  • Get up to 25% greater frames-per-second (FPS) rates – Just what gamers need.
  • Lift overall performance up to 33% (with Intel® Turbo Boost) – Who doesn’t need more power?

As you can see, there’s a lot to love in an Intel-based desktop PC from Lenovo. Keep reading to learn more.

Intel-based desktop PCs

Intel processors are found throughout the Lenovo desktop PC line-up. From basic multi-core CPUs designed for economical home and family use to high-end chips that run our most advanced systems, there’s an Intel processor for every desktop computing need.

Intel CPU desktops from Lenovo

Table 1 lists the Intel processors available across the Lenovo line of towers, workstations and other desktop PCs. Take a look.

Table 1: Intel desktop processor options from Lenovo

Intel® Xeon®

Intel Xeon CPUs are the company’s most advanced PC processors. With some of the highest core and thread counts available in a PC chip, Xeon processors are up to any task, from data analytics to artificial intelligence. They also help prevent work-destroying system crashes with support for Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory, which Intel says can find and fix 99.999% of soft memory errors before they corrupt your data.

Intel® Core™

Lenovo desktops can be configured with any of the popular Intel Core series – from the value-focused Core i3 to the more mainstream Core i5 and Core i7 to the Core i9, a favorite of high-end PC enthusiasts. All of Intel’s Core–branded processors – including its latest 10th generation desktop chips – offer multiple cores, multiple threads and are available with different cycle speeds, cache allotments and other important features.

  • ThinkCentre desktops with Core processors
  • IdeaCentre desktops with Core processors
  • Lenovo Legion (gaming) desktops with Core processors
  • Yoga 2-in-1s with Core processors
Intel® Pentium®

Intel Pentium CPUs are ideal for those seeking a more economical desktop system that still offers the multi-tasking capabilities we all need. Pentium is one of Intel’s value-focused CPU brands, so a Pentium-based desktop is an ideal mix of price and performance. Many of Lenovo’s best-selling entry-level desktops run on Pentium chips.

  • Lenovo desktop PCs with Pentium processors

It’s easy to see why so many PC buyers turn to Lenovo desktop systems with Intel CPUs. With so many different Intel-based models available, there’s sure to be an Intel-based Lenovo desktop to suit your needs.

Intel desktops for every user and need

Consumers buy desktop PCs for different reasons. Business work (whether at the office or at home). Studying for school. PC game playing. Family entertainment. Sometimes all of these together. Fortunately, an Intel desktop can do it all. And you can buy one at virtually any price point.

Yet while most laptops come in the same basic shape and size, there’s a wide variety of desktop PC form factors. The one you choose depends on the features you need and how you plan to use your new PC.

Lenovo’s Intel-based desktop form factors

Lenovo offers Intel-based desktop PCs in multiple shape and sizes:

  • Desktops: A desktop PC is built to sit horizontally on a desk or other surface. It's the original PC form factor, so the term is also used generically to describe any standard, non-laptop system.
  • Towers: A tower PC sits vertically to consume less desk space – or allow it to be placed on the floor. This flexibility has helped make towers today's most popular standard PC form factor.
  • Cubes: Cube PCs are slimmer and taller than desktops but shorter and wider than towers. They offer easy cable management and extra interior space for advanced components and air flow.
  • Gaming rigs: Desktop gaming PCs can be any shape, though towers are common. The distinction lies inside: extra CPU and graphics power to support faster frame rates and other gaming needs.
  • Mini PCs: A mini PC (or Small Form Factor or Tiny PC) is built to fit anywhere. Yet while small, it's fully capable, with components to support virtually any task while staying cool and quiet.
  • Workstations: A PC workstation has extra processing power, memory, and other features for compute-intensive applications. Popular uses are AI, data analytics, content creation, and so on.
  • All-in-Ones: All-in-one PCs offer a complete experience – computer, display, maybe a keyboard, etc. – as a single device or integrated set. And it all fits in the space of a standard PC monitor.

With so many size and form factor options, it’s easy to see why the desktop PC – the original personal computer – is still going strong. Equip your new Lenovo system an Intel processor and your computing needs will be met for years to come.

Lenovo desktop PCs with Intel CPUs

Lenovo offers Intel-based desktops throughout our PC lineup. Check out these famous Lenovo desktop brands – each available with one or more varieties of powerful Intel CPUs:

  • ThinkCentre: Built for reliability and ease-of-use, ThinkCentre desktop PCs are used in office and home office settings around the world. These highly popular systems are available in a wide range of prices, with multiple processor and feature options. At one time or another, nearly everyone has used a ThinkCentre desktop – with results to prove it.
  • IdeaCentre: Space-saving IdeaCentre towers and all-in-ones fit any lifestyle (and budget). Their designs turn heads, whether in the office, at home, or at a gaming competition. And they’re equally impressive on the inside – with plenty of power for business use, creative pursuits, or just streaming movies and playing games at home.
  • Lenovo Legion: Gamers and graphics enthusiasts love our Lenovo Legion gaming desktops. On the outside, colorful lighting effects and other features make Legion PCs a feast for the eyes. Inside, you’ll find abundant processing and graphics power, extra cooling features, and overclocking options that are essential for competitive gameplay.
  • ThinkStation: There’s virtually no workload you can’t handle with a ThinkStation desktop workstation from Lenovo. Equipped with the best processors and other components, these systems can be used for video editing, big data analysis, and other high-demand applications – and come ISV-certified to work with many of today’s most popular software programs.
  • Yoga All-in-One: For those seeking the compact convenience of an all-in-one system, it’s hard to beat an innovative Yoga All-in-One. Available with big, high-resolution, tilting displays, these combo units provide everything you need to be productive, creative, or both. There’s even a built-in stylus holder, and an innovative dial for easy scrolling and feature calibration.

With so many styles and options, it’s easy to see why Lenovo desktop PCs with Intel processors are some of the best-selling systems in the world. Not only do you get raw CPU power and other Intel features, you get legendary Lenovo design and manufacturing reliability, too.

1 Compares a 10th generation Intel Core desktop CPU to similarly-configured 8th generation model. See

Intel, Intel Core, Intel Xeon, Intel Pentium, and Intel Turbo Boost are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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