What is a Convertible Laptop

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What is a Convertible Laptop?

A convertible laptop is a hand-held machine that provides the function and computing power of traditional laptops, with the hands-on, tactile user experience of a tablet. These devices incorporate touchscreen interfaces with robust operating systems, powerful processors, and helpful accessories.

Those who ask "what is a convertible tablet?" will discover that it is a do-it-all, all-in-one machine. They are more powerful than tablets, yet more portable than traditional laptops. Convertibles are designed to be user-friendly, accessible, powerful and extremely functional. They are designed to provide for all needs, in one device. When used as a tablet, they can be folded up to save space, and users can manipulate the device using the touchscreen. When used as a laptop, a mouse and keyboard can be used, seamlessly transitioning the convertible device from a tablet into a desktop machine.

What are the Benefits of a Convertible?

The greatest benefit of a convertible laptop or convertible tablet is the fact that it provides the functionality, capability, and usability of both a desktop and mobile device.

When going to the coffee shop or commuting to work, the device can be folded up, allowing a person to use it in the same fashion that he or she would a tablet. The touchscreen interface provides for intuitive web browsing, seamless transitioning from application to application, and comfortable interaction with various social apps and the like. Put simply, it operates just like a tablet when you want it to.

However, if the user is looking to do word processing, data input, data analysis or any other more in-depth tasks, the device can be folded out into a laptop layout, allowing the user to take advantage of the device's built-in keyboard. Everything that can be accomplished on a tablet, and everything that can be accomplished on a traditional laptop, can be accomplished on a convertible – that is the promise and great benefit of a 2-in-1.

Is a Convertible Right for me?

Whether a convertible laptop or convertible tablet is right for you will depend on what you're looking to get out of a device. Do you currently have a tablet? Are you in the market for a new laptop but are looking for one that is portable, easy to use, and adaptable to your lifestyle? Or do you simply want to condense down from two or three devices to one? If any of these apply to you, then a convertible might offer the solution you're seeking.

Named as "America's Best-Selling Convertible 2in1 PC" by the NPD Group, Inc, Lenovo has a number of choices for individuals in the market, from casual users to business professionals. You can be sure that there is a convertible device that is right for you. The ThinkPad series, which includes the popular Yoga line, runs Window's latest touchscreen-friendly operating system, and comes in a variety of different form factors. Finding the right convertible depends entirely on your needs. But rest assured, the best convertible laptop is out there. Check out for more information on convertibles.

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