What apps are available for Windows 8?

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What apps are available for Windows 8?

Windows 8 devices come equipped with standard programs, but those are just the tip of the iceberg. Users can customize their laptops and tablets with the apps they use throughout the day. The Windows Store features more than 130,000 apps. From business software to calendars to entertainment, this wide range of apps enables you to customize your computing experience.

Movie buffs will appreciate the Netflix app, which offers subscribers access to its expansive collection of films and TV shows on any device. Netflix offers a free, one-month trial if you are interested in exploring this streaming service.

The Facebook app enables users to connect with their networks from their mobile devices. Upload photos, tag friends, chat with connections and enjoy all of the other social functions of this popular platform. Windows 8 even delivers updates to the live tiles on your Start screen.

The Windows Store is not short on practical programs. The Zillow app brings its home and apartment database to mobile platforms. Prospective buyers and sellers can compare listings and search for homes based on location, price range and style. The Zestimate feature lists values for 100+ million homes in the U.S.

The Mint.com Personal Finance app is one of the most popular money-management programs on the mobile market. Access the same information you would on Mint.com from your mobile device. CNN Money declared the Mint.com app one of the “Best Apps to Manage Your Money.” Tracking your checking, savings and credit card accounts onto one unified platform, and get push notifications delivered to your Start screen.

These prominent apps are just a few highlights among the thousands of useful apps. As the Windows Store continues to grow, your Windows 8 device will become an even more powerful tool to help you through the day.

What apps come standard with Windows 8?

Windows 8.1 comes equipped with built-in, standard apps that perform all the basics. Windows 8.1 apps serve as easy-to-use tools for everyday living, such as communication, organization and entertainment. Use the Camera and Photos apps for capturing and sharing pictures with friends and family. Discover and listen to the latest music by downloading and streaming free songs with the Music app. Rely on the Maps app for getting directions, finding locations and seeing traffic conditions.

You can expect the following standard apps for Windows 8.1:

  • Mail: Stay connected using your email account in one central location
  • Videos: Watch movies and shows on your PC or play on your TV
  • Games: Discover and play the hottest games and classic favorites with friends
  • Finance: Make informed financial decisions by choosing top brokerages, accessing portfolio data, receiving market updates and following business news
  • Food + Drink: Access recipes, how-to videos and cooking tips
  • Health + Fitness: Keep healthy and fit with exercise videos, nutritional references and diet trackers
  • Sports: Cheer on favorite teams by following Live Tile updates
  • Travel: Use travel guides and planning tools to book a trip
  • News: Browse headlines and stay current on breaking news with personalized coverage

The collection of built-in Windows 8.1 apps also includes People, Calendar, Alarms, Calculator, Sound Recorder, Reading List and Weather.

What are some of the most popular apps that don’t come standard with Windows 8 and how do I get them?

A collection of touch-screen apps available from the Windows Store turn your PC or mobile device into a multitasking operating system for gaming, social connections and entertainment. Windows 8.1 features the following most popular apps:

  • Halo: Spartan Assault: Use a touch-based shooter to battle the Covenant and complete missions while competing against friends
  • TripAdvisor: Plan the perfect trip by accessing traveler reviews, photos and maps; TripAdvisor also provides booking recommendations for low airfare, hotels and restaurants
  • Facebook: Don’t miss out on Facebook updates and read posts from friends and family; share stories and chat anywhere, anytime
  • Netflix: Browse and instantly watch your favorite movies and TV shows
  • Skype: Connect to friends, family and co-workers by chatting face-to-face, sharing files or photos and sending video messages
  • Flipboard: Get news stories, social updates and shared content from friends with this personal magazine app; customize the app with the Discover and + buttons, and connect with social networks
  • Xbox One SmartGlass: Control your Xbox One from your mobile device and enhance your gaming experience with a collection of features, such as controlling media, tracking achievements and pinning content to play on your console
  • Zillow: Learn about for-sale homes and foreclosures by searching and checking values on this leading real estate network

To install new apps on your PC, click on the Start screen. Click on Store to visit the Windows Store, and sign in with a Microsoft account. Scroll through featured apps, new releases and personalized recommendations, also called “Picks for you.” After browsing categories or searching for an app, click on Buy or Try to download a paid app or Install to download a free app.

Does installing apps slow my PC down?

Apps installed from the Windows Store will not slow down your PC, according to Microsoft Windows. Windows apps are specifically built to not inhibit performance of a PC or mobile device.

Apps also do not need to be closed for your PC to run efficiently. An unused app will continue to run in the background and eventually close when not in use.

You can make the process of finding and using apps easier by pinning apps to the Start screen. Following an app installation, access the Apps view and select the app you want to pin. Click “Pin to Start” and the Start screen will add the app. Personalize your start screen by rearranging pinned apps, resizing tiles and grouping together similar apps.

The following functions can also enhance your app experiences:

  • App Commands: Commands allow you to perform different actions in an app
  • App Charms: Charms help you search the app, share content, change settings and send files
  • Using apps together: Four apps can be on the screen and used at the same time; switching between apps is quick and easy
  • Closing an app: Apps will automatically close if not in use; to close an app, simply drag it to the bottom of the screen, and it is removed from view

Visit Windows.Microsoft.com’s How-To page for more information on getting and using apps on your PC.

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