The Yoga Series

The Yoga Series by Lenovo includes a range of exclusive Laptops that are pretty unique and of exceptional quality. It stands out because of its ability to take diverse forms due to its multi-purpose hinged screen.

Lenovo Yoga 260

The Lenovo Yoga 260 Multimedia Laptop is an exclusively premium convertible 17.8mm thin, 1.35 kg light beautifully designed notebook giving four modes of flexibility.

The four modes are Laptop, Stand, Tent and Tablet.

It is an unique presentation considering the matte touchscreen and stylus with pressure levels. You can fill up a web form using stylus and even make side notes. The Lenovo Yoga 260 mostly follows in the footsteps of ThinkPad X250 Ultrabook. It has a good finger touchscreen with a screen size of 12.5 inches and a display of 1920x1080 pixels. It provides a plain and very pleasing appearance with matte.

The Make

Lenovo Yoga 260 either has Intel’s Core i5-6200U or i7-6500U. It has an interesting docking port on the right side and the Smart Card Reader on the left. However, it lacks the standard SD card reader and allows the micro-SD cards. In case of buying, you can directly do so online securely on the Lenovo website. Further when you buy the Lenovo Yoga 260, you can get a 2 year warranty.

Who can use it?

It can be used by graphic designers or writers. Softwares like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom CC work great and take hardly any time to open up too. If you are a light gamer, this laptop is good to play casual games found in the Windows Store. Keep yourself involved and entertained over a long journey without getting bored.

Some of its superior features include:

Brilliant display:

Full High Definition visuals are displayed on the 12.5 multi touch screen.


It is the first in the YOGA series with WWAN. Connect anytime, anywhere using the LTE-A option, WiGig or Enhanced OneLink+ docking.


The Lenovo Yoga 260 is backed by a trusted Platform Module (dTPM) which contains a cryptographic key for easy identification.


The docking station is a better choice than USB 3.0 solutions. Even the single adapter can be used otherwise. Lenovo has a VGA/RJ45 and mini-DP/VGA adapter.


High definition images can be captured using the camera.


It has the chiclet spill-resistant keyboard. The swapping of FN and CTRL keys is found here too. As needed, the keys can be highlighted using white LEDs.


The Touchpad is a fully integrated ClickPad. It is crisp and well defined. The Trackpoint’s keys can be used together with the ClickPad.

Quiet and friendly

The Yoga 260 has an active cooling system that is disabled when not at work. The noise level is low 36 dB(A), which is little for comparable devices. It has a fan and is considered a hybrid, although it is based on Core M.


The Speakers are placed above the keyboard with its opening towards the display area. The speech is great and the background sound is okay while typing. The microphone does a normal job.

Battery life

The Yoga 260 runs for 10 hours without charging, which is good. However the battery is recharged fully within 2 hours.

It is a superior quality subnotebook for those who want more. The Lenovo Yoga 260 introduces the multi-mode concept to the business world.

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