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Lenovo and SAP enterprise business applications

Trusted and Reliable

Lenovo and SAP provide the bedrock foundation to run your mission-critical business applications.

Intelligence and Performance Where You Need It Most

For over 25 years, Lenovo and SAP have been providing reliable, high-performance business solutions for SAP customers in all industries. Whether you are looking to improve business process efficiency with one of SAP’s business applications or accelerate decision-making and gain insights from your data with SAP HANA®, Lenovo can translate your business requirements into robust datacenter solutions.

SAP and Lenovo Alliance – A 360-Degree Relationship

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Lenovo provides systems, solutions, and services with high performance, industry-leading reliability, and scalability for SAP applications.
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Lenovo employs SAP S/4HANA for Smart Manufacturing and Billing and Revenue Innovation (BRIM) to enable as-a-service offerings.
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SAP relies on Lenovo to help deliver the next generation of cloud applications and runs its SAP HANA platform on Lenovo systems.

Focus Areas

Lenovo innovates with SAP and ecosystem leaders to provide an optimized infrastructure platform for your SAP applications, enabling organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Woman with digital code reflecting in glasses


SAP offers a private cloud version of RISE with SAP on-premises with Lenovo

Woman working on a laptop in an urban environment

SAP on Azure

Leverage SAP cloud services on Microsoft Azure while maintaining your on-prem SAP landscape.

Three IT workers in a work environment

VMware Environments

Lenovo and VMware collaborate to optimize the performance, deployment, and management of SAP applications.

Event participants lining up at a digital kiosk

Retail Solutions

Lenovo works with SAP and AI innovators like C2RO to optimize store operations for retail customers.

Lenovo Leverages SAP to Efficiently Run its Business

Lenovo server manufacturing

Powering a World-Class Supply Chain

SAP and Lenovo join forces to build new state-of-the-art Smart Factories using SAP S/4HANA.
Woman working in an office environment

Realizing the Value of Digital Transformation

Lenovo leverages SAP to revamp the entire company with a new services-led business model.
Computer chips

Building a Global Unified Procurement Platform

Lenovo leverages SAP Ariba to transform general procurement to better support business strategy.


Lenovo ThinkSystem servers


High-performance, ultra-reliable server and storage systems for businesses of all sizes supporting SAP appliance and TDI environments.

Front view of ThinkAgile system


Hyperconverged infrastructure based on VMware, Microsoft, or Nutanix virtualization enabling hybrid cloud environments.

Lenovo ThinkEdge servers


A complete line of compact Edge servers designed to meet remote location needs, built with optimal security and processing power.

Three IT workers in a data center


Offering the latest data center hardware through a pay-as-you-go business model with 24/7 proactive monitoring, management, and service support.

Customer Success Stories

Woman getting fitted for glasses

Opticas Devlin

The eyewear retailer and optician service has enjoyed 100% service uptime with an SAP and Lenovo platform while cutting transaction times and improving service delivery.

Computer chip being put in place

IC Manufacturer

Integrated circuit manufacturer leverages SAP S/4HANA and SAP HANA on Lenovo ThinkSystem servers to enhance the speed and efficiency of its operations.

Sunflowers in the field

Sadina 99

Leading European sunflower seed producer integrates digital workflows with SAP S/4HANA on Lenovo ThinkSystem servers to unlock operational efficiencies.

Medical professional in a lab

Medical Manufacturer

Running SAP ERP on a high-performance Lenovo platform, a medical manufacturer was able to maintain high levels of product quality and on-time customer deliveries.


Lenovo and SAP provide reliable, high-performance business solutions for customers in all industries.

Front view of ThinkEdge SE455 V3

SAP Solutions

Explore our optimized SAP solutions and services to improve business efficiency.

Three IT professionals collaborating in a data center

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Maximize your data’s full potential and transform faster with a seamless hybrid cloud experience.️

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