Lenovo ThinkPad T440p - The Corporate Laptop Workhorse

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About ThinkPad

The ThinkPad Laptops are tried and tested to withstand every sort of bruise and battering. They are meticulously designed with spill-resistant keyboards, roll-cage technology, and shock mounted hard-drives. These Laptops are tested and further enhanced for reliability and speed. They are finely made with pleasing appearances.

About ThinkPad T440P

It is yet another interesting business Ultrabook. Actually, a bit heavy to be called an Ultrabook weighing 4lbs. Professionals use this highly premium notebook that is equipped with extremely efficient features. It provides high performance with optimal connectivity and is 23mm thick. This Ultrabook is quite a silent notebook and comes with a 36 month manufacturer’s warranty.

The Make

This corporate laptop workhorse is power-packed by the Intel Core i7-4700MQ CPU, 8 GB RAM, a 500 GB hard drive, Nvidia’s GeForce GT 730M graphics card with Optimum function and a 14 inch HD+ display. It is supported by Windows 8 Professional Operating System and weighs 2.14 kg. It comes with two batteries, one is fixed internally and the other can be added as needed. Some core features include two usable graphic chips, a smart card reader and a trusted Platform Module 1.2 (TPM 2.0 on Win 8). The NFC chip can be made available too.

Who can use it?

The ThinkPad T440P is a top performer, designed to win. It can be used by IT professionals, and by many other small and medium business needs. It is also a hit for personal usage.

This highly innovative corporate workhorse is power-packed with advanced features like;

Mil-Spec-810 (Rugged and Durable)

It has been tested for extra strength and durability.

Dolby Audio

Advanced cinematic surround sound provides for some great listening effects.

Rapid Boot System

Programs and documents open quite faster thanks to the advanced core processing system.


The display is matte and bright in terms of look. It presents three different display functions; The TN HD Display, TN HD + Display and the IPS FHD Display.

HD Webcam with Face Tracking

The Camera has good light sensitivity, that focuses well even when on the move.

Finger Print Reader

Access simplified biometric security, right at your finger tips.

Dual microphones

The microphones erase noise, making it perfect for video conferencing.

Spill Resistance Keyboard & Touchpad

It has a firm keyboard mat that sticks well. The keys are well made and easily readable even in less light. The keys are large, well placed and labelled well. It has a 5 key Click Pad. The complete input area can be pushed below. It recognizes and supports the user in terms of right or left clicks. The Touchpad has a 100 x 75 mm glass surface with great swiping capabilities


In terms of communication and connectivity, it is simply great as the WLAN signal can be rated as above average. The 720p webcam delivers great quality video chats in well-lit rooms.


It comes with an impressive battery life and great performance. It has a large 100 W battery that goes on for an entire regular work day. During the intensive Battery Eater Classic Test, the runtime falls to just 2 hours.

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