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VMware, Lenovo, virtualization, alliance, partnership, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, edge, software defined infrastructure, hyperconverged infrastructure

Lenovo and VMware – delivering multi-cloud success

Modernize applications and enable seamless, scalable multi-cloud environments with VMware offerings from Lenovo.

Realize your potential, by tapping into ours

Move from cloud first to cloud smart

Move from cloud first to cloud smart

Maximize your cloud investment with unrivaled multi-cloud capabilities from VMware and Lenovo that reduce complexity and cost.
Increase IT efficiency

Increase IT efficiency

Improve hardware utilization, provision applications faster and reduce data center power usage and footprint through virtualization.
Comprehensive service options

Comprehensive service options

TruScale as-a-Service hybrid cloud offering with VMware gives enterprises access to the infrastructure resources they need on a flexible pay-as-you-go model.

Joint initiatives

Helping businesses implement AI

Helping businesses implement AI

Versatile Generative AI platform from Lenovo, NVIDIA, and VMware purpose-built for large language models.
Digital fabric on a blue background

Unlock generative AI opportunities

40% of employees' working hours can be augmented or automated by generative AI.
Nighttime cityscape

Enabling Hybrid Cloud environments

VCF on ThinkAgile VX provides consistent management and security of applications across on-premises and cloud environments.
Wind turbines on a mountain pass

Extending Hybrid Clouds to the Edge

Lenovo and VMware offer a resilient Edge computing solution with simplified networking, centralized management, and security.

Lenovo and VMware partnership

For more than 20 years, Lenovo and VMware have been partnering with customers around the world to optimize their investment in IT infrastructure and the cloud.

Our innovative portfolio of fully tested and validated infrastructure, software, services, and solutions is designed from the ground up for virtualization, hyperconvergence, and hybrid cloud.

By incorporating software-defined infrastructure into your data center, Lenovo and VMware can accelerate your journey to a multi-cloud environment.

Lenovo and VMware customer success stories

Learn how Lenovo and VMware are helping customers solve problems, inspire new thinking, and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Memjet boosts performance of key business applications

Memjet Australia

The digital print solutions specialist increased staff productivity with a modernized IT infrastructure.
Prep school provides skills to run the factories of the future

Istituto di Istruzione Superiore C. E. Gadda

An Italian high school trains its students in cutting-edge CAD techniques on campus and at home with VMware Horizon VDI on Lenovo ThinkAgile VX.
Hospital enables a fast and simple electronic billing process

Huguan County People's Hospital

Huguan County People's Hospital in China utilizes Lenovo ThinkAgile VX as the foundation of its digital healthcare services.
SHD creates new business with its next-generation cloud service


A leading provider of IT solutions for the furniture and kitchen industries chose Lenovo ThinkAgile VX to launch a new, more dynamic cloud service.

Products & services

ThinkAgile VX

ThinkAgile VX Series

VMware vSAN-based solution that combines computing and storage into a single system, and runs apps seamlessly across clouds.
ThinkEdge solutions

ThinkEdge solutions

Compact edge servers designed to meet remote location needs, and built with the optimal security and processing power for IoT data streams.
TruScale IaaS

TruScale IaaS

Empower your business growth with the broadest range of data center solutions, available through a pay-as-you-go business model.

Integrated solutions

Lenovo and VMware collaborate to bring innovative, integrated solutions to market.

Pedestrian walkway in an urban environment

Unlock smarter infrastructure from edge to core to cloud

Lenovo and VMware deliver turnkey solutions, with as-a-service flexibility to enable business value and drive intelligent transformation.
VMware solutions

VMware solutions

Enable business transformation with Lenovo and VMware solutions for virtualization, remote work, edge, hybrid cloud, containers, and artificial intelligence. Increase efficiency, flexibility and agility while procuring the entire solution through Lenovo.


Cloud computing

Cloud Computing

Increase efficiency, time-to-value, and confidence with a cloud strategy created for you.
Edge computing

Edge Computing

Our edge solutions are rugged, reliable, and ready to work.

Get started

Contact our solutions experts to explore how we can help your business.

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