AMD Advantage Laptops for High-Performance Gaming

The AMD Advantage™ design framework defines a new family of premium gaming laptops. Combining the latest AMD Ryzen™ processors and AMD Radeon™ RX graphics with high-resolution displays, long-lasting batteries, and more, AMD Advantage™ gaming laptops deliver the responsive performance that... Read More

Lenovo Business Laptops Powered by AMD

If on-the-go business is your focus, Lenovo laptops with powerful AMD Ryzen™ processors and security-enhanced AMD Ryzen PRO processors are ready for the job. Heavy multi-tasking. Video conferencing. Streaming presentations. Specialized business apps. These high-performance AMD laptop CPUs can do it all – with the PRO versions providing valuable additional layers of data protection... Read More

Lenovo Consumer Laptops Powered by AMD

AMD Ryzen™ processors power a wide selection of Lenovo consumer laptops. These high performance processors deliver the features that real laptop users demand, such as incredible battery life. Whether you need a thin and light laptop for work, school, or home—even on-the-go gaming or content creation—there's a Lenovo laptop powered by AMD that’s ready to suit your needs... Read More

AMD Processors / AMD CPUs

AMD is a global leader in PC processors and high-performance computing products—and the proof is found throughout the Lenovo line-up. Speedy gaming rigs. High-end workstations. Business systems with security features. Ultra-fast student and family laptops. AMD processors power the PCs people use every day... Read More

Lenovo SMB Laptops Powered by AMD Processors

AMD and Lenovo are working together to make business more productive and beautiful. Thin-bezel displays. Slim and lightweight chassis. Long battery life. Ultrafast speeds. A Lenovo business laptop powered by AMD Ryzen™ 6000 Series or 5000 Series processors can have it all—from performance to good looks to an incredibly long... Read More

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