Vantage Smart Performance Services

Get the most from your PC with Lenovo’s state-of-the-art
Smart Performance Services, delivering powerful, all-in-one PC
performance, maintenance, and security.

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Boost PC Performance -
Behind the scenes, Vantage Smart Performance conducts automatic PC performance monitoring and repairs, resolving common issues. Turn on Smart Performance Services for quicker PC start-ups, improved performance and stability, and lightning-fast application launches.

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Supercharge Your Online Experience -
Vantage Smart Performance improves internet and network performance, constantly correcting access issues, improving connectivity, removing extraneous files that slow response times, and resolving major network issues.

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Protect Your Technology Investment -
Augment anti-virus tools with Vantage Smart Performance. As a complementary security layer working within your device, Lenovo detects and removes more instances of harmful spyware, adware, ransomware, and infections.

Vantage Smart Performance Services

Vantage Smart Performance Services is your PC performance assurance. It is built with automated fixes, that will resolve identified issues automatically without any intervention. Vantage Smart Performance Services gives you the power to automate the maintenance of your PC.

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Vantage Smart Performance delivers...

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Get Vantage Smart Performance Services

Two simple methods to get Vantage.

1. Find Lenovo Vantage, pre-loaded on your device
2. Download Lenovo Vantage from the Microsoft Store

Download Vantage

Start Using Smart Performance Services
1. Open the Lenovo Vantage app
2. Click the Support menu
3. Select Smart Performance from the dropdown
4. Click Free PC Scan to get started

How to Run Smart Performance Services


Vantage Smart Performance Services (VSP) is a proactive, automated and on-demand PC performance, security and maintenance tool that comes with Lenovo Vantage. The tool is built to do all the work continuously and, in the background, too. Smart Performance helps customers to scan, diagnose and resolve issues that affect PC performance, internet performance and security. Help keep your PC like Day 1, always.

We live in an era where people prefer automatic movement recognition and power on/off of lighting, over a voice command. Digitally pampered customers are inclined to expect an absolute product performance with minimal to zero effort. This is what we give the Smart Performance users - a top-notch PC performance with zero effort.

Value 1: Users need to do nothing - VSP is automated and proactive: It works in the background to keep a check, diagnose and resolve issues frequently. Keeps all routine and potential performance issues at bay, consistently giving you a smooth and seamless experience.

Value 2: User gets reliable & top-notch PC performance – VSP tunes up the PC frequently: Many issues that impact negatively on PC performance like registry errors, junk and application errors are proactively diagnosed and fixed by VSP. The user gets to experience quicker PC start-up time, improved performance and stability and faster launch of applications. While the user can go about their regular day, the PC maintenance is taken care of in the background.

Value 3: The user enjoys a stable internet experience – VSP boosts internet performance: For many, living with a slow Wi-Fi is like living off the grid. VSP works to fix network and access issues, removes e-junk and helps to resolve major network issues. This translates into a seamless browsing experience for the user through better internet connectivity, improved upload/download speeds and a fast browser.

Value 4: The user will experience more robust PC security – VSP helps keep the PC safe from malware: VSP works as a complementary layer to your existing anti-virus (AV). Should your AV miss a malware, VSP aims to detect and remove it, including zero-day infections. This applies to spyware, adware and ransomware as well. The user can use their PC with peace of mind due to the enhanced security of their PC.

Value 5: The user can keep a tab if needed: Should the user ever be extra concerned they can just invoke an on-demand scan and check the health of their PC and resolve issues if any.

In all, with a onetime act of scheduling the scan frequency, the user can get a fast, connected and more secure PC experience without a worry.

*The results from our lab are indicative only. Your results may vary.

Should you find your PC to be slow or that your PC has been compromised, the regular customer service solutions available include calling the customer support or taking it to a service center for a resolution. VSP brings the resolution to your home. The fully automated functionality helps to monitor the user’s PC 24/7 and maintain the PC in top notch condition always. VSP limits the dependency on traditional customer services.

Users can use Vantage Smart Performance through Lenovo Vantage. It is a tab/feature available inside Lenovo Vantage.

The user will be able to purchase Vantage Smart Performance Services in the Smart Performance section of Vantage itself, under the Support tab. All Vantage users are eligible for a free scan for their PC. Once they complete the free scan they will have the option to purchase inside Vantage. In the future, it will also be available for customers in support page of their PC.

Yes. Users will be able to purchase VSP in the Smart Performance section of Vantage itself. All Vantage users are eligible for a free scan for their PC. Once they complete the free scan they will have the option to purchase inside Vantage. In future, it will also be available for customers in support page of their PC.

Applicable Brands

Lenovo Desktops, Notebooks, Workstations. Excludes Think Products.

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*The results from our lab are indicative only. Your results may vary.