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What is vPro™ and what does vPro™ mean?

If you are part of an IT or business environment, you may have heard of vPro™ technology. This is because vPro™ processors have wide-ranging commercial applications and are found in a multitude of mobile and desktop devices. With vPro™ technology – designed and developed by Intel®, the renowned processor manufacturer – you can ensure that your IT department is able to keep up with data demands and help your business maintain a competitive technological edge in an ever-changing, constantly evolving business environment. For business computing environments, vPro™ technology is hard to beat.

The Intel® vPro™ family of processors offers:

  • Enhanced Security in the form of multi-factor authentication, full disk encryption, and Remote Secure Erase
  • Improved Performance thanks to battery life that is three times as great as a comparable five-year-old system, computing performance 2.5 times as great, and graphics performance that is 30 times greater.
  • Remote Management of Devices with Intel®'s Active Management Technology, which allows remote updating and repair of equipped devices.

The vPro™ family of processors is designed to meet the needs of modern businesses, and is perfect for running Windows 10 Enterprise software.

Implementing vPro™ and vPro™ remote management

Implementing a vPro™ environment is simple. Start by equipping your team with vPro™-equipped devices and then have your IT department take over from there. Intel® vPro™ chipsets (including the Intel® i5 processor, i7 processor, and Xeon processor) are found in a wide range of computer platforms, both mobile and desktop, so adopting this technology is easy. Lenovo products available with Intel® vPro™ chips include:

All of these devices can be managed remotely through the use of Intel®'s Active Management Technology, a platform that allows for equipped devices to be diagnosed, updated, and repaired remotely from a centralized location. Implementing vPro™ remote management is easily accomplished by any IT department, as the manageability function is built in. Once set up, vPro™ remote management gives an IT department unparalleled freedom and control to manage distributed device networks.

vPro™ mobile processor specs

As there are several different Intel® vPro™ processors, specifications may vary from one to another. Within the Intel® i5 processor family, clock speed ranges from 2.2-3.5 GHz, with overclocking possible up to 3.9GHz. On the i7 product line, clock speed ranges from 2.8-4.0 GHz, with overclock speeds up to 4.2 GHz. The i5 range has a 6MB cache while the i7 range offers an 8MB cache. Choose the processor (or processors) that best suit your needs (or those of your team).

To reiterate, there are a number of Intel® vPro™ processors. This includes mobile, desktop, and workstation applications. For a complete list of individual processors, reference the Intel® webpage below:

How does Intel® vPro™ work?

Intel® vPro™ is a comprehensive platform designed to enhance the management, security, and performance of business computers. It combines several key technologies that work together to provide advanced features. At its core, Intel® vPro™ includes Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT), which enables remote management and troubleshooting of computers, even when they are powered off or the operating system is unresponsive. This allows IT administrators to perform tasks such as deploying updates, diagnosing issues, and resolving problems remotely. Additionally, Intel® vPro™ incorporates Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT), which improves system performance and allows for the creation of virtual machines, and Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT), which enhances system security by protecting against malware and unauthorized access.

What is Intel® vPro™ used for?

Intel® vPro™ is primarily used in business environments to streamline IT management and enhance security. It enables IT teams to remotely monitor and manage computers across a network, reducing the need for physical access and minimizing downtime. With Intel® vPro™, businesses can perform tasks such as deploying software updates, troubleshooting issues, and implementing security measures more efficiently. The platform's advanced security features also help protect against threats, including malware and unauthorized access, safeguarding sensitive business data.

How secure is Intel vPro?

Intel® vPro™ is designed with robust security features to protect business computers and data. The platform incorporates Intel® TXT, which establishes a secure execution environment to prevent unauthorized access, protect against firmware attacks, and ensure the integrity of the system. Intel® vPro™ also includes Intel® AMT which allows for remote management and troubleshooting while maintaining strong security measures.

Benefits of the Intel® vPro™ platform

The Intel vPro platform offers several benefits for businesses:

  • Enhanced IT management: Intel® vPro™ simplifies and improves IT management by enabling remote monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting of computers, even when they are offline or unresponsive. This reduces the need for physical intervention, saving time and resources.
  • Increased security: With features like Intel® TXT, Intel® vPro™ helps protect against security threats such as malware, unauthorized access, and firmware attacks. It provides a secure execution environment and enhances system integrity.
  • Improved productivity: By allowing IT administrators to remotely perform tasks and resolve issues, Intel® vPro™ reduces downtime and increases productivity. It enables efficient deployment of software updates, diagnostics, and repairs, minimizing disruptions for employees.
  • Simplified provisioning: Intel® vPro™ simplifies the process of setting up new computers by enabling remote provisioning and configuration. IT teams can remotely deploy operating systems, software, and security settings, saving time and effort.
  • Cost savings: The remote management capabilities of Intel® vPro™ can lead to cost savings by reducing the need for on-site visits and minimizing downtime. It enables IT teams to efficiently manage many computers from a centralized location.

Which businesses should consider the Intel® vPro™ platform?

The Intel® vPro™ platform is particularly beneficial for businesses that require efficient IT management, enhanced security, and remote troubleshooting capabilities. It is suitable for organizations of various sizes and industries, including but not limited to:

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): Intel® vPro™ can help SMEs streamline IT operations, reduce costs, and enhance security without the need for extensive on-site IT resources.
  • Large enterprises: With a large number of computers to manage, Intel® vPro™ provides centralized control and remote management capabilities, allowing IT teams to efficiently handle a vast network of devices.
  • Financial institutions: Given the sensitive nature of financial data, Intel® vPro™ has robust security features that make it a valuable platform for banks and financial institutions, helping protect against cyber threats and ensuring compliance.
  • Healthcare organizations: Intel® vPro™ has remote management capabilities that are beneficial in healthcare settings, where IT administrators can efficiently maintain and troubleshoot medical devices, ensuring uninterrupted patient care.
  • Educational institutions: Schools and universities can leverage Intel® vPro™ to streamline computer management across campuses, enabling remote software deployments, troubleshooting, and updates for many® devices.

Intel ® Core™ i5 vPro vs i7

The Intel® Core i5 vPro and i7 processors are both powerful options, but they have some key differences. The i7 is considered the more advanced and high-performance option compared to the i5. It offers higher clock speeds, more cores, and larger cache sizes, making it ideal for demanding tasks like gaming, video editing, and running resource-intensive applications. The i5, on the other hand, still provides excellent performance but at a more affordable price point. It's suitable for everyday tasks like web browsing, productivity applications, and light multitasking.

Intel® Core ™i7 vPro specs

The Intel® Core™ i7 vPro processor is a top-of-the-line central processing unit (CPU) designed for professional and business use. It features advanced technologies like hyper-threading, which allows each core to handle two threads simultaneously, boosting overall performance. The i7 vPro processors typically have higher clock speeds, more cores (typically quad-core or octa-core), larger cache sizes, and support for features like Intel® vPro™ technology, which enhances security and manageability for business environments.

Intel® Core™ i5 vPro specs

The Intel® Core™ i5 vPro processor is a solid mid-range CPU that strikes a balance between performance and affordability. It offers good processing power for everyday computing tasks and light multitasking. The i5 vPro processors usually have lower clock speeds compared to the i7 counterparts and fewer cores (typically quad core), but they still provide ample performance for most users' needs. They also support features like Intel® vPro™ technology, which enhances security and remote management capabilities for business users.

Intel® i7 vPro vs i7

When comparing the Intel® i7 vPro and i7 processors, the main difference lies in the additional business-focused features offered by the vPro variant. The i7 vPro processors provide advanced security features, remote management capabilities, and enhanced system stability, making them ideal for business environments. In terms of performance, the i7 vPro processors are comparable to the standard i7 CPUs, offering high clock speeds, multiple cores, and large cache sizes. However, if you don't require the specific business-oriented features, the standard i7 processors might be a more cost-effective choice for general computing needs.

Intel® i5 vPro vs i5

The Intel® i5 vPro and i5 processors are similar in terms of their core specifications and performance capabilities. Both are mid-range CPUs suitable for everyday computing tasks, such as web browsing, productivity applications, and light multitasking. The main difference between the two lies in the additional security and manageability features offered by the i5 vPro processors. These features, enabled by Intel® vPro™ technology, enhance system security, remote management capabilities, and simplify IT administration for business users. If you require these specific business-oriented features, the i5 vPro processors are a suitable choice. However, if you don't need the additional capabilities, the standard i5 processors provide ample performance for most general users at a more affordable price point.

Intel® Core vPro processors

The Intel® vPro™ processors are designed with business users in mind, offering advanced security, manageability, and remote management capabilities. They provide features like hardware-enhanced security, Intel® AMT, and Intel® Stable Image Platform Program (SIPP), which simplify IT administration and ensure system stability. The vPro processors are particularly beneficial for organizations that require enhanced security and remote management capabilities, making them a popular choice for enterprise environments.

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