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Intel Processor Laptops from Lenovo: A Perfect Match

Looking for a home or business laptop that can do it all? Consider a Lenovo laptop with an advanced Intel® processor. With an Intel-based laptop, you get fast speeds and rich graphics – but with less heat and longer battery life. For laptop users, an Intel laptop from Lenovo is the perfect combination.

Intel is the worldwide leader in mobile CPUs. The company’s hugely popular Intel® Core™ processor series – the Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9 – can power everything from a home and family laptop to gaming rig, from an everyday business laptop to a souped-up mobile workstation. Lenovo also puts Intel CPUs in many of our flexible 2-in-1 laptop/tablet combos. We’ve even got lightweight Chromebooks with Intel processors inside.

A Lenovo laptop with Intel technology offers extreme performance for every computing need – all wrapped into a lightweight, easily portable form factor that works anywhere. Intel-based laptops are ideal for everything from schoolwork and home and family computing to office work, field use, or to launch a small business. And they’re available at a variety of price points to fit any budget.

Benefits of an Intel-based laptop

Intel released the world’s first computer microprocessor back in 1971 and its chips have been powering easy-to-carry laptops since portable PCs first gained popularity in the early 1990s. It’s an impressive legacy that has made Intel the leading name in CPUs and delivers tangible benefits for Intel processor laptop users.

Intel laptop advantages

Here’s why so many of today’s consumers rely on Lenovo laptops with Intel processors:

  • Performance and portability – Intel’s mobile processor technology is super-efficient and generates less heat than desktop chips, so there’s no sacrificing CPU power for easy portability.
  • Long battery life – Low-energy Intel processors, the Intel chipset, and numerous Lenovo-specific features help make our Intel-based laptops some of the longest running systems you can buy.
  • Brilliant visuals and video – Laptops are a highly visual experience, as we stream movies, stage Zoom conferences, and so on. Intel® HD Graphics deliver new levels of immersive detail.
  • Robust data security – Enterprise security features such as Intel® vPro have long been popular, and the hardware-based Intel Authenticate Solution can help protect passwords and payment information.

Easy mobility. Extended unplugged times. Multiple graphics options. Peace of mind. When you think about it, Intel technology is at the heart of nearly all the laptop features today’s buyers value most.

Intel processor options in Lenovo laptops

Intel CPUs power dozens of different Lenovo laptop models, from entry-level systems to our most advanced gaming rigs and workstations. As laptop buyers quickly learn, there’s an Intel processor for every computing need.

Intel CPU laptops from Lenovo

Table 1 shows the Intel processor brands currently available in Lenovo laptops. Offerings change over time, so check back often.

Table 1: Intel laptop processor options from Lenovo

Intel® Xeon®

It’s hard to beat a laptop with Intel’s top-of-the-line Xeon processor, whether you’re a number-cruncher, data analyst, AI guru or just someone who wants a screaming fast PC. Available on some of Lenovo’s best laptops – such as our mobile workstations – Xeon CPUs support Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory, a server-level feature that works to find and fix 99.999% of soft memory errors before they corrupt your data or crash your system.

Intel® Core™

The Intel Core processor family – including 10th gen U Series/Y Series and 10th gen H Series chips, plus new 11th gen chips – is Intel’s best-selling line of laptop CPUs. And for good reason: Intel’s Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9 chips offer multiple cores, multiple threads and cover a broad range of cycle speeds, cache allotments and other critical specs. So there’s a Lenovo laptop with a Core processor to suit just about everyone, from business-ready ThinkPad systems and Yoga 2-in-1s to speedy Legion gaming laptops.

Intel® Pentium®

One of Intel’s value-oriented processor lines, Pentium CPUs deliver reliable performance with decent multi-tasking capabilities. An entry-level laptop with a Pentium chip – like you’ll find on some Lenovo IdeaPad systems – offers lower processing speeds than other Intel designs. But it will support most everyday computing needs when price is a factor in your decision.

Intel® Celeron®

Built for maximum affordability, Celeron processors are used in budget laptops where performance needs are relatively low, such as for home and family use (web surfing, email, video calls, etc.). At Lenovo, Celeron CPUs are most often used in low-cost systems like Chromebooks, where the browser-based OS eases demand on the processor compared to more traditional systems.

With Intel inside your laptop, you really can’t go wrong. From a top-of-the-line Xeon or Core i9-equipped model to an economical Pentium- or Celeron system, there’s an Intel-powered Lenovo laptop for everyone.

Intel laptops from Lenovo

You’ll find Intel processors across the full line-up of Lenovo laptops. But there’s more to a Lenovo laptop than the CPU.

Full-function Lenovo business laptops are found in offices and boardrooms worldwide. Colorful Lenovo ultraportables draw attention everywhere – whether it’s at a sales meeting or the school library. Even our innovative laptop/tablet 2-in-1s can be configured with Intel CPUs.

Intel chips power multiple Lenovo laptop brands

Here are just a few of the popular Lenovo laptop brands you can equip with Intel processors:

  • ThinkPad: Secure and business-ready, it’s the leading name in laptop technology today
  • IdeaPad: Get advanced processing and other features in highly stylish, lightweight systems
  • Legion: Game-ready systems with multiple performance and ergonomic features
  • Yoga: Flexible, versatile designs you can switch from laptop to tablet and back again
  • Mobile workstations: High-performance laptops that are ready for any advanced task

As longtime manufacturing partners, Lenovo and Intel know how to match the right processor with the right laptop design and features. The result: systems consumers will use and value for years to come.

Intel laptop technology: More than just the CPU

Of course, there’s more to an Intel laptop than just the processor. Intel technology exists throughout these systems, from wireless connectivity to graphics options to memory modules. [Availability varies based on which Lenovo laptop brand and model you choose, so always read the specs.]

Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+)

Our wireless bandwidth needs only keep rising, as more people work from home, stream high-res video, and play live-action games. Intel calls its Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) technology a “generational advance” that enables faster downloads, greater responsiveness (less latency), and improved authentication and encryption. It also allows you to connect more devices at once.

Intel Graphics Technology

Watch videos in extra high definition. Edit photos down to the pixel. Experience the most vivid and immersive PC game environments. It’s all possible with Intel® HD Graphics and Intel® Iris® Plus graphics. In fact, Intel says its Iris Plus technology enables frames-per-second (FPS) rates and HEVC encoding that’s up to two times faster than some of its earlier CPUs.

Intel® Ready Mode Technology (Intel® RMT)

Intel Ready Mode Technology or RMT means your laptop is always available, or very nearly so. It’s an alternative to standard PC “sleep” modes that helps your laptop resume full functionality almost instantly. Features such as Microsoft’s Cortana stand ready for you to use, files can be auto-synced across all your devices, and remote access to your system is easier than ever.

Intel® Optane™ Memory

For faster boot times and speedier overall system performance, check out Intel Optane Memory. An Intel Optane solid state drive (SSD) or Intel Optane memory module accelerates personal computing by learning your most often used applications, documents, and tools and having them ready to use when needed. Plus, it’s non-volatile, so the settings are preserved even when you power down your laptop.

The more you learn, the more you understand why consumers around the world put such high value on laptops with Intel CPUs – and why Lenovo’s Intel-based laptops are global best-sellers. When the world’s leading innovator in laptop processors, Intel, gets together with Lenovo, a global leader in laptop design and manufacturing – everyone wins.

Intel, Intel Core, Intel Xeon, Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium, Intel Xeon, Intel HD Graphics, Intel Iris Plus, and Intel Optane are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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