What is Intel vPro®?

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What is Intel vPro®?

Intel vPro® is a set of hardware and firmware technologies designed to enhance the security, manageability, and productivity of business computers. It provides a range of features and capabilities that make it easier for IT professionals to manage and maintain large fleets of computers.

How does Intel vPro® enhance security?

Intel vPro® enhances security through various mechanisms. With Intel® active management technology (Intel® AMT), IT administrators can remotely monitor and manage computers, even if they are powered off or experiencing issues. This enables prompt identification and mitigation of security threats.

Intel® trusted execution technology (Intel® TXT) helps protect against attacks by establishing a chain of trust from the hardware level. It ensures that only trusted software components are loaded during system boot-up, preventing unauthorized access or malicious software from compromising the system.

Intel® identity protection technology (Intel® IPT) adds an additional layer of security by providing hardware-based two-factor authentication. By generating one-time passwords that are verified by the server, it helps protect against phishing attacks and unauthorized access to online accounts.

Does Intel vPro® require additional software or configuration?

To take full advantage of Intel vPro® features, you may need additional software and configuration. IT administrators typically use specialized management software, such as Intel® active management technology software, to remotely manage and monitor vPro-enabled computers. Additionally, enabling and configuring Intel vPro® features may require accessing the computer's basic input/output software (BIOS) settings. This is usually done during the initial setup or through the BIOS menu. Depending on the specific feature and implementation, there may be additional configuration steps involved.

Can I upgrade my existing computer to support Intel vPro®?

Not all computers can be upgraded to support Intel vPro®. The software requires specific hardware components and firmware support, which are typically found in business-class computers designed with vPro® capabilities. If your computer doesn't have the necessary hardware and firmware support, it cannot be upgraded to support vPro®. It's important to note that even if your computer has the required hardware, enabling Intel vPro® features may involve additional configuration or activation steps, which could vary depending on the computer's model.

Can Intel vPro® be used in small businesses, or is it only suitable for large enterprises?

Intel vPro® is suitable for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses. While it is often associated with large enterprises due to its advanced management and security features, small businesses can also benefit from its capabilities. The remote management and security features provided by Intel vPro® can help small businesses streamline IT operations, improve security, and reduce support costs.

Is Intel vPro® compatible with all operating systems (OSs)?

Intel vPro® is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Linux and other operating systems. The management and security features of Intel vPro® are implemented at the hardware and firmware level, which makes them independent of the specific operating system running on the computer. However, certain management software tools or utilities may have specific requirements or compatibility limitations, so it's essential to check the documentation and specifications provided by Intel for more details.

Does Intel vPro® have any power-saving features?

Yes, Intel vPro® includes power-saving features that can help reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs. One such feature is Intel® AMT, which allows IT administrators to remotely power on, power off, or put computers into sleep mode. By centralizing power management, businesses can ensure that computers are only powered on when needed, contributing to energy efficiency and cost savings.

Can Intel vPro® improve the performance of my computer?

While Intel vPro® is primarily focused on management and security features, it can indirectly contribute to improving computer performance. By enabling efficient remote management, IT administrators can proactively monitor and optimize computer performance, ensuring that systems are running optimally. Additionally, the virtualization support provided by Intel vPro® allows businesses to leverage virtual machines, which can enhance resource use and scalability, ultimately improving performance in virtualized environments.

Is Intel vPro® limited to desktop computers, or does it also support laptops?

Intel vPro® is not limited to desktop computers and is fully compatible with laptops as well. Many business laptops come with Intel vPro® capabilities, allowing IT administrators to manage and secure them remotely. This provides flexibility for businesses to incorporate Intel vPro® features across their entire fleet of devices, regardless of form factor.

Can Intel vPro® be used for remote software deployment and updates?

Yes, Intel vPro® enables remote software deployment and updates, which can significantly simplify the management of large numbers of computers. With features like Intel® AMT, IT administrators can remotely install software, deploy updates, and perform system configurations without the need for physical access to the computer. This capability streamlines the deployment of software patches, security updates, and other software installations, saving time and reducing operational costs.

Does Intel vPro® have any benefits for remote workers?

Yes, Intel vPro® can offer benefits for remote workers as well. The remote management capabilities provided by Intel® AMT allow IT administrators to troubleshoot and resolve issues without requiring the physical presence of the user or the computer. This can help remote workers minimize downtime and maintain productivity. The enhanced security features of Intel vPro® also provide an added layer of protection for remote workers, safeguarding their data and identities.

Can Intel vPro® be used in conjunction with cloud-based management solutions?

Yes, Intel vPro® can be used alongside cloud-based management solutions. Many cloud-based management platforms integrate with Intel vPro® features, allowing businesses to leverage the benefits of both technologies. Cloud-based management solutions provide additional scalability, flexibility, and accessibility for managing and monitoring vPro-enabled devices across multiple locations or remote environments.

Is Intel vPro® limited to specific processor models or generations?

Intel vPro® technology is available in various processor models and generations. It has been incorporated into a wide range of Intel® Core™ processors, including both desktop and laptop processors. However, the specific vPro features and capabilities can vary depending on the processor model and generation. It's advisable to check the specifications and documentation provided by Intel® to determine the availability of vPro features in a particular processor.

Does Intel vPro® require an internet connection for remote management?

Yes, an internet connection is required for remote management with Intel vPro®. The computer with vPro capabilities needs to be connected to the network, and the IT administrator or support personnel typically access it remotely through a secure connection over the internet. This allows them to perform various management tasks, such as monitoring, troubleshooting, and software updates, from a central location.

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