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Lenovo’s Best Android Tablets

Lenovo’s best Android tablets help to prove why tablet computers – in all their variety – are so popular. Affordable. Versatile. Compact. For all the reasons people like Android tablets, there’s a Lenovo tablet with innovative features that are driving the industry.

For ultimate tablet portability and features, there’s the Lenovo Tab series, with big, bright FHD screens and up to 15 hours of video playback time. Our Yoga Tablet series is ideal for home or office – there’s even a model with a built-in projector. And we just up-ended both the tablet PC and smart display markets with the Lenovo Smart Tab, a new kind of 2-in-1 smart tablet that you can carry with you or use as a tabletop smart screen.

Why buy an Android tablet from Lenovo?

They weren’t the first tablets to capture the world’s attention, but Android models quickly rose to the top of the industry thanks to a combination of unique Android tablet advantages:

  • Android tablet benefits: Low price

  • Android tablets are among the least expensive in the industry because the Android OS is free to manufacturers. And while there are lots of high-end Android tablets, it’s easy to find budget models that minimize costly components (internal storage, device ports, etc.) in favor of greater reliance on cloud apps, wireless streaming, and so on.

  • Android tablet benefits: Compact size

  • The Android OS is exclusively mobile-device focused and runs some of the smallest, thinnest tablets you can buy. These mobile OS roots also make Android’s touchscreen functionality a native part of everything it does, not something added later as a way to retrofit traditional PC-style software for use on a tablet.

  • Android tablet benefits: Widest selection of apps

  • If there’s a new mobile app that everyone’s talking about, it’s almost certain to be available for your Android tablet. There are more apps for Android devices than any other mobile OS – by far. Google’s Play Store has apps for every purpose, from shopping for groceries to playing word games with friends to managing your spending.

    And don’t forget: If you already use an Android smartphone, then you’ll be able to use the same apps and touch techniques on an Android tablet. So for those new to tablets, the learning curve is shorter.

Best Lenovo Android tablets

When you decide to compare tablets, be sure to consider these innovative Android tablets from Lenovo. Their versatility makes them ideal for use as business tablets, family tablets – even student tablets.

  • Tab Series

  • The Lenovo Tab Series delivers power (Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor) and ease-of-use (the latest Android Oreo OS) along with rich sound and big, bright screens (up to 10.1-inch). It’s family-friendly, too, with models that let each user choose their wallpaper, default social media accounts, etc., plus an optional Kids Mode for extra protection.

  • Lenovo Smart Tab

  • The new Lenovo Smart Tab combines a Tab Series tablet with a tabletop smart screen to create a “smart tablet” that can help you turn out the lights, order take-out, or see who’s at the door. Carry it with you as a typical tablet or place it in the included Lenovo Smart Dock it to activate Show Mode, the visual form of Amazon Alexa.

  • Yoga Tablet Series

  • Lenovo’s amazing Yoga Tablet Series features a revolutionary multi-mode hinge that lets you position the device in four useful ways: hold it in your hands, tilt it on your desk, stand it for small group viewing, or hang it so everyone can see. There’s also the Android-powered, 2-in-1 Yoga Book that’s part tablet, part laptop.

These are just the latest affordable, ultraportable Android tablets available from Lenovo. Some of our models are even more budget-friendly, including our earlier-generation Tab 4 Series and A Series tablets. We also offer tablets that use other operating systems, as well as more laptop-like ultraportable devices such as Chromebooks and netbooks.

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