Which are some great entertainment apps for Android?

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Which are some great entertainment apps for Android?

Apps can help users increase productivity, interact with other smartphone users and communicate with coworkers or family nationally and internationally. But what if you just want to have some fun on your tablet?

Here are the top 10 Android entertainment apps:

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is the most popular game for Android tablet users. Even if you think it's just silly, you can't deny that it can also be entertaining. By lobbing birds from a slingshot device, you try to topple towers, knock over objects and send all the Bad Piggies into oblivion. As you pass each level, you're greeted with a harder challenge for the next round. It's easy to kill a few hours testing your Angry Bird skills.


Bebbled is a jewel-shuffling game that challenges the user to get a high score based on how many of the same-colored orbs he or she can combine and burst. Like Angry Birds, Bebbled becomes more and more challenging as users progress.


Fans of the classic trivia television game show will be happy to know that it comes in app form too! Users can play Jeopardy according to their knowledge and skill level. Featuring more than 2,700 questions and the voice of Johnny Gilbert, the real announcer from the show, , Jeopardy fans show will be sure to enjoy testing their trivia knowledge with this app.

Google Play Books

Google Play, Google's marketplace for many different Android apps, offers a marketplace for fiction, nonfiction and poetry. The New York Times and most other journalism outlets are available by subscription as well. Each interface offers a customizable setup, so each reader can choose his or her ideal digital atmosphere before they settle down for a good read.


Though used by many published authors, Wattpad has risen to prominence as a place for amateur writers to offer their work. Fans of romance, paranormal fiction and fan fiction will find Wattpad especially enjoyable. The best part? It's free.


Netflix has managed to shift from a mail-service movie rental company to an instant-play giant. With the Netflix app, users can choose from thousands of movie and TV-show titles to watch instantly on their tablet, notebook, desktop or home entertainment system. They still offer movies by mail, too, and since many of their titles are only available by mail, those who subscribe to Netflix's mail service will also find this app useful.

Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus, a subscription service offered by the immensely popular online television company Hulu, gives users access to popular shows like Modern Family, New Girl and The Mindy Project. Though Hulu is available to users for free, some of the more recent show episodes are only available to Hulu Plus customers. Hulu is just beginning to finance and produce its own TV series, all of which are restricted to Hulu Plus customers. And they have movies too!


Fandango is the movie lover's dream app. Ticket prices, show times, reviews: Fandango's got it all. With the touch of a screen, those with the Fandango movie app can access in seconds all the information they need to choose which theater to visit, which movie to see and how much it will cost. The only thing it can't tell you is how to avoid obnoxious movie patrons.


Pandora is still the service that defined Internet radio. Based on an artist you select, Pandora creates a radio station that you'll want to listen to. Based on your reactions to songs-you can vote them up or down-Pandora will determine your preferences and further refine the selection of songs it plays for you.


Spotify gives you access to millions of different songs-including almost all contemporary artists-for free. To get it on a tablet or mobile phone, you have to shell out $10 a month, but you're able to use it for free on a notebook or desktop-provided you can deal with the commercials. If you subscribe to Spotify Premium, you'll get to listen commercial-free and access its music library from anywhere with 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. You can create and share playlists with your Facebook friends, listen to their radio app and make use of many other features too. These Android entertainment apps-whether you like to listen to music, watch movies, read or play games-are just the tip of the iceberg as far as entertainment apps are concerned. App marketplaces like Google Play have thousands of entertainment apps available to users. Some cost a few bucks, but there are so many free Android entertainment apps that most of the time, you won't have to spend a cent.

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