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Boost your bottom line and adapt to changing business models

Today’s business environment is more challenging than ever—your business needs to operate on a leaner budget, with your employees in remote locations. To remain competitive and thrive amidst change, let Lenovo Device as a Service (DaaS) manage your device lifecycle, freeing your employees to do what they do best.

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Improve your flexibility while facing new obstacles

Your business’ success depends on your employees, who are working remotely more frequently. The challenge lies in ensuring they have the latest devices in what’s already a tough economy, as well as deploying and securing those devices remotely. Lenovo DaaS faces those challenges head-on.

Here’s how Lenovo DaaS can help:

  • Do more with less

    • Free up internal resources
    • Align expenses with revenues
    • Untether cash flow
  • Get support wherever & whenever it’s needed

    • Keep employees connected, supported, & productive from any location
    • Avoid costly downtime
    • Resolve security concerns—onsite and remotely
  • Focus on what you do best

    • Single point of accountability
    • Single contact & invoice
    • Reliable, stable, & fully customized solutions
Lenovo product portfolio

Smart, customizable solutions across a gamut of devices

Lenovo offers a wide array of award-winning devices—from mobile devices like phones and tablets, to personal computers, to the data center. Lenovo DaaS can even incorporate other OEM hardware to meet your specific business needs, allowing you to control IT costs and boost productivity.

  • With Lenovo DaaS, the IT buck stops with us.

  • One point
    of contact

  • One source of

  • One predictable
    monthly invoice

Efficiency across the lifecycle

Let us streamline your transition to a user-driven, digital environment. Our flexible approach to services, support, device management & configuration, and other modern IT solutions takes the burden of lifecycle management off your shoulders. With Lenovo DaaS, each stage is more cost-effective and efficient.


Craft a device catalogue that provides the right devices for the right users.


Customize image load, system settings, and more to cut costs and deployment lead time.


Tailor the way your employees receive new devices and get help using them.


Resolve technical issues with the convenience of a single point of contact.


Ensure fleet efficiency with onsite field services, asset management, security, and more.


Dispose of retired devices securely and environmentally responsibly.

Lenovo DaaS Solutions, for improved flexibility, productivity, and cost management

To succeed, your business must get the best from each employee. Today more than ever, IT has to empower your employees to stay focused—no matter where they’re located. Whether you’re an up-and-coming small business or a global enterprise, our services portfolio offers a Device as a Service solution to keep your operations leaner, your costs lower, and your employees more productive.

Download PDF

5 easy steps to greater productivity and efficiency:

  • 1
    Select devices from the latest high-performance hardware.
  • 2
    Choose your Lenovo DaaS solution: Simplify, Accelerate, or Transform.
  • 3
    Customize your solution with DaaS features and service levels that fit your organization.
  • 4
    Finance with Lenovo Financial Services for flexible options and an affordable, predictable monthly fee.
  • 5
    Reap the benefits of a Modern IT environment with expert support and end-to-end, smart, lifecycle services.
= included = optional
Optimize your device catalog with no upfront investment and predictable monthly payments.
Supplement the Simplify solution with streamlined configuration and deployment.
Complete your IT transformation with a tailored solution from our comprehensive portfolio.
  • Multi-OS, multi-vendor hardware
  • Premier Support
  • Built-in security (ThinkShield)
  • Reporting: Device tracking / utilization / health reports
  • Secure asset disposition at end of agreement
  • Custom BIOS settings
  • Asset tag
  • Imaging / enterprise ready preload
  • Microsoft Autopilot registration
  • Service delivery manager
  • Optional Flex up / down / pause (device count variability)
  • Encryption
  • Cloud deploy / recovery
  • Accidental damage protection
  • Technician-managed break fix
  • Keep your drive
  • Multi OS app deployment
  • OS patch management
  • Whitelist and blacklist
  • Custom deployment
  • Unified endpoint management
Lenovo ThinkShield

ThinkShield security for Lenovo DaaS

Keeping remote devices secure presents all-new challenges—at Lenovo, we take that challenge seriously. Our ThinkShield platform includes security features built into our devices, so Device as a Service customers are protected right out of the box. Additionally, ThinkShield CORE protection powered by SentinelOne provides AI-powered endpoint protection and ActiveEDR to map all device processes. Our partnership with Absolute offers security management solutions with flexible options to achieve the level of endpoint control and device visibility to meet almost any need.

Absolute brochure SentinelOne brochure

Rely on Lenovo DaaS comprehensive support to help you do more with less and focus on your core business.

Dig deeper into how Lenovo DaaS can help you save time, reduce costs, and focus on your customers.

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