Windows 10 Laptops with Intel i7 Processors

Intel is the leading manufacturing company that develops computer processors for high-end desktops, tablets and laptop computers. Since 2009, it has been producing the lightning-fast Core i7 processors which are basically the “brains” of a computer.

One of the features of the Intel Core i7 series is that it has a higher maximum core count than the Core i3 and Core i5. It combines this development with hyper-threading to increase overall speed and processing capability. The latest technology also enables the Core i7 to have a larger cache allotment memory. To put it simply, the latest generation i7 can multitask like never before.

The Core i7 is Intel’s "performance" line. It’s faster and has more advanced features than its competitors, but it’s not quite as niche as the ultimate Core i9. Investing in a faster Core i7 laptop today means it can easily take future upgrades and new developments in its stride.

Types of Computers with i7 Technology

Choosing what type of computer you need depends entirely on what you need it to do. If you need it to be portable and lightweight, you’ll love the innovative IdeaPad series. It’s the best i7 laptop for business on-the-move

If you’re more comfortable with a traditional laptop, the ThinkPad is currently one of the top-selling laptops If you’re torn between a tablet and a laptop, the Yoga 2-in-1s were designed with you in mind If you’re a gamer wanting the ultimate tools, Legion gaming laptops have your name on it!

However, these are all the outward features of your new PC. All the above types of computer are available with an Intel Core i7 processor. This means you can combine your preferred device style with high-performance features to exactly suit your needs.

Laptops Remain the Most Popular Choice for Professionals

If you’re looking for a new laptop for your business that works as hard as you do, a Windows laptop with an i7 processor is a good place to start. Lenovo’s cutting-edge ThinkPad series will exceed your expectations. Powerful speed-of-light processing, an award-winning keyboard design and easy-to-access ports are just some of the features. In addition, the long-life battery can last up to 27 hours, depending on what operations you are running.

Finding the Best i7 Laptop for Your Budget

The price of a Windows 10 laptop with Core i7 is governed by a number of factors. Weight, memory size, storage and graphics options are just some of the points that affect price.

The ThinkPad T-14i laptop offers a high-end spec that immediately makes you sit up and take notice, including up to 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, up to Windows 10 Pro operating system and the latest cool high-quality 14” IPS display.

Memory size varies according to the ThinkPad model you choose, with either a dynamic 4th generation 32GB or 48GB Double Data Rate (DDR) memory. Most models include a 57 watt-hour battery for hours of off-the-grid reliability. Once you plug in, the Rapid Charge technology takes less than an hour to restore 80% battery power.

Weight definitely affects price. Lighter laptop models generally cost a little more for that compact convenience and slim line portability. The ThinkPad T-14i laptop offers all this and more from around £1,279.99.