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Moto Phones | Android Smartphones

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{"pageComponentDataId":"9f164f52da0d2-47d4-85b5-708c9810e887","keywords":"Legion Phone Duel|Gaming smartphone|phone|Moto|Moto Android™ smartphones|Motorola Mobility","taxonomyTypeValue":"13","taxonomyType":"seriespage","productName":"","cta":[],"tablet":{"productDesc":"","backgroundImage":"","productHeadline":"","imgAlt":"","productName":""},"pageComponentId":"9f164f52da0d2-47d4-85b5-708c9810e887","productImage":"","topRightLogoAlt":"","robots":"","adobeCategory":"","topRightLogo":"","pageComponentDataLangCode":"en_gb","navposkey":"","subtaxonmy":"other","productLogo":"","productHeadline":{"t_id":"Page65fe5c59-8726-4fdf-89e0-01e76feaf4c4","language":{"de":"%3Cp%3EDEINE%20HIGHLIGHTS.%26nbsp%3B%3C%2Fp%3E%3Cp%3EAUCH%20IM%20DUNKELN.%3C%2Fp%3E","de_at":"","no":"","it_it":"","fi":"","pt":"","fr":"%3Cp%3EUN%20CONCENTR%C3%89%20DE%20PERFORMANCES%2C%26nbsp%3B%3C%2Fp%3E%3Cp%3EJAMAIS%20%C3%80%20COURT%20DE%20BATTERIE%20!%3C%2Fp%3E","fr_fr":"","de_de":"","de_ch":"","es_es":"","nl_nl":"","sv":"","sv_se":"","da_dk":"","en":"%3Cp%3Emotorola%20means%20mobile%3C%2Fp%3E","fr_ch":"","it":"","es":"","en_ie":"%3Cp%3Emoto%20means%20mobile%3C%2Fp%3E","fi_fi":"","en_gb":"%3Cp%3Emotorola%20means%20mobile%3C%2Fp%3E","en_ch":"","da":"","no_no":"","nl":"","pt_pt":""},"id":"Page65fe5c59-8726-4fdf-89e0-01e76feaf4c4"},"productNumber":"","canonical":"","dlpDynamicField":[{"value":"","key":"saleNameVariable"},{"value":"","key":"endDateVariable"},{"value":"","key":"subjectVariablePlural"},{"value":"","key":"heroCopyVariable"}],"pageId":"026459b0-7572-460c-83a5-26d69f3e5297","productDesc":{"t_id":"Page716a3db7-cfef-458d-9146-fc1b0f40709c","language":{"de":"%3Cp%3ESag%20hello%20zu%20unendlichen%20M%C3%B6glichkeiten%20und%20innovativen%20Features%2C%20die%20das%20Leben%20einfacher%20machen.%3C%2Fp%3E","de_at":"","no":"","it_it":"","fi":"","pt":"","fr":"%3Cp%3ED%C3%A9couvrez%20des%20possibilit%C3%A9s%20illimit%C3%A9es%20et%20des%20fonctionnalit%C3%A9s%20innovantes%20qui%20vous%20simplifient%20la%20vie.%3C%2Fp%3E","fr_fr":"","de_de":"","de_ch":"","es_es":"","nl_nl":"","sv":"","sv_se":"","da_dk":"","en":"%3Cp%3Emotorola%20creates%20smartphones%20to%20fit%20every%20lifestyle%20and%20budget.%20From%20the%26nbsp%3B%3Cstrong%20style%3D%22white-space%3A%20normal%3B%22%3Ee%3C%2Fstrong%3E%26nbsp%3Band%26nbsp%3B%3Cstrong%20style%3D%22white-space%3A%20normal%3B%22%3Eg%3C%2Fstrong%3E%26nbsp%3Bfamilies%20up%20to%26nbsp%3B%3Cstrong%20style%3D%22white-space%3A%20normal%3B%22%3Erazr%3C%2Fstrong%3E%26nbsp%3Band%26nbsp%3B%3Cstrong%20style%3D%22white-space%3A%20normal%3B%22%3Eedge%3C%2Fstrong%3E%2C%20you%E2%80%99ll%20find%20the%20features%20you%20want%20and%20the%20quality%20you%20expect%20from%20the%20original%20wireless%20innovator.%3C%2Fp%3E","fr_ch":"","it":"","es":"","en_ie":"%3Cp%3Emotorola%20creates%20smartphones%20to%20fit%20every%20lifestyle%20and%20budget.%20From%20the%26nbsp%3B%3Cstrong%20style%3D%22white-space%3A%20normal%3B%22%3Ee%3C%2Fstrong%3E%26nbsp%3Band%26nbsp%3B%3Cstrong%20style%3D%22white-space%3A%20normal%3B%22%3Eg%3C%2Fstrong%3E%26nbsp%3Bfamilies%20up%20to%26nbsp%3B%3Cstrong%20style%3D%22white-space%3A%20normal%3B%22%3Erazr%3C%2Fstrong%3E%26nbsp%3Band%26nbsp%3B%3Cstrong%20style%3D%22white-space%3A%20normal%3B%22%3Eedge%3C%2Fstrong%3E%2C%20you%E2%80%99ll%20find%20the%20features%20you%20want%20and%20the%20quality%20you%20expect%20from%20the%20original%20wireless%20innovator.%3C%2Fp%3E","fi_fi":"","en_gb":"%3Cp%3Emotorola%20creates%20smartphones%20to%20fit%20every%20lifestyle%20and%20budget.%20From%20the%20%3Cstrong%3Ee%3C%2Fstrong%3E%20and%20%3Cstrong%3Eg%3C%2Fstrong%3E%20families%20up%20to%20%3Cstrong%3Erazr%3C%2Fstrong%3E%20and%20%3Cstrong%3Eedge%3C%2Fstrong%3E%2C%20you%E2%80%99ll%20find%20the%20features%20you%20want%20and%20the%20quality%20you%20expect%20from%20the%20original%20wireless%20innovator.%3C%2Fp%3E","en_ch":"","da":"","no_no":"","nl":"","pt_pt":""},"id":"Page716a3db7-cfef-458d-9146-fc1b0f40709c"},"jsFile":"","background":{"imageUrl":{"t_id":"Pageca05ec5e-1d67-4070-b6db-2161c5fd261e","language":{"en_ie":"","de":"","de_at":"","en_gb":"//p3-ofp.static.pub/fes/cms/2022/10/07/husm8nmhl8orc7tygs57hyjnli7lh4118062.jpg","de_ch":"","en":"//p3-ofp.static.pub/fes/cms/2022/10/07/husm8nmhl8orc7tygs57hyjnli7lh4118062.jpg","en_ch":"","fr_ch":"","fr":"","fr_fr":"","de_de":""},"id":"Pageca05ec5e-1d67-4070-b6db-2161c5fd261e"},"type":"image","title":"","content":"darkGrey"},"highlightToggle":"0","urlPrefix":"AAAAAAAJ","description":"Buy Moto smartphones with great performance and specifications for best prices at Lenovo UK. Shop now or call sales person at 01256 741677.","h1":"","h2":"","h3":"","title":"Moto Phones | Android Smartphones","urlEdit":0,"userSegment":"","pagetype2":"","pagetype1":"","metaData":[],"tooltipStyle":"icon","theme":"","seriesPageCategoryCode":"moto","productImageAlt":"","topRightLogoUrl":"","pageTypeName":"Series Page","mobile":{"productDesc":"","showModels":{"type":"image"},"backgroundImage":"","productHeadline":"","imgAlt":"","productName":""},"uri":"/c/phones/moto/index.html","productSegment":"isg","subjectVariable":"","backgroundImgHeight":"100%","backgroundColors":"#ffffff","fontColor":"white","productLogoAlt":""}
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Motorola Smartphones – Great for Personal and Business Use

Whether you need a phone for business-related activities or your personal use, Motorola has got you covered. Known in the industry for their high-quality Android phones and many other products, Motorola is continuing to lead the mobile communications industry and keep up with trends as they come up.

Motorola has been running for more than half a century, and more recently, it has expanded and improved its mobile phone selection to meet a wide range of customers. They always ensure that all their phones have an Android operating system, and since this is the most popular OS in the world, they can serve all types of customers.

Apart from mobile phone collections like the e-series or g-series, you can also purchase a wide range of other tech and communication gadgets from Motorola. These include accessories and smart home products.

As Motorola has a wide range of products, Lenovo ensures that you can get all of them in one place. Our Motorola section features all kinds of mobile phones, accessories and software, and you can get them all at an affordable price.

Look out for great tech features and sleek phone designs with Motorola phones, and purchase them all at Lenovo.com. Let’s take a closer look at Motorola mobile phones and what they have to offer.

Motorola and The Unique Mobile Phone Series

You can look out for all kinds of mobile phone series when you browse our Motorola section at Lenovo.com. From the Motorola Razr to some of their latest phones, they continue to expand their mobile phone series with all kinds of high-tech features that come at affordable prices.

Motorola offers high-quality phones with all kinds of great features, from their high-tech, clear-focus cameras to long-lasting battery life that can last up to two days. You can also expect sleek designs that come in different colours and many other features. At Lenovo, you can buy phones from the e-series, Razr and g-series.

moto e-series

The moto e-series is the budget-friendly mobile phone series from Motorola, known for offering more at a lesser price. These gorgeous phones come at incredibly affordable prices, so convenient that you might even be scared, but Motorola ensures that low prices don't mean low quality. Their phones offer all kinds of features for buyers to look out for.

The phones in the moto e-series come with long battery life, with the moto e7i has a battery life of 40 hours. Their cameras are also very impressive, and the moto e7 is more known for having a great camera that can light up your pictures on even the darkest nights.

With their wide screens and extensive built-in storage space, the e-series comes in handy for anyone who wants an excellent Android phone but with a tight budget. You can purchase the e7i and the e7 here at Lenovo at incredibly low prices and enjoy all their tech features.

moto g-series

Another amazing phone series from Motorola is the moto g-series, which comes with so many choices with and affordable pricing. If you’re very picky with your mobile phone choices, there’s no way you won’t find what you’re looking for in the moto g-series,

The g-series comes with all kinds of phones, each one standing out with its special features. While some offer you an immersive experience with large displays, others help you take ultra-wide-angle pictures with fantastic selfie-camera systems.

The phones in the collection include moto g100, moto G10, moto g50, moto g30, moto g9 Plus, moto 5g plus, moto g9 Play and moto g pro. With ratings above 4.5, you can expect very high-quality phones from the moto g-series. When you purchase these phones, you can expect brilliant and modern designs, and choose as many colours as you want.

Motorola Razr Series

If you’re looking out for high-quality, especially in the area of internet connection and intelligent designs, the Motorola Razr series would not let you down. This Motorola Razr 5g flip phone features a pocket-ready size that allows for convenience and brilliance. The Razr stands out from other types of smartphones in the mobile communications industry, and one look at it would make you agree with this.

You can use the mobile phones in the Motorola Razr for a very long time without having to recharge them, while the OLED main display can fold in half seamlessly. The design is also well crafted by Motorola to match all kinds of tastes.

You can check out the Motorola Razr series and use these brilliant phones at an affordable price. The Razr series is more expensive than other phones from Motorola, but it's worth it. Lenovo.com features the Motorola Razr series, and you can purchase it right here.

High-Quality Experience from Motorola

The different Motorola series offers you an impressive performance, extensive battery life, brilliant designs and a low price to boot. Regardless of your budget, Motorola has a phone for you, and you'll enjoy using the E-Series, G-Series and the Razr.

Motorola is well-known as the company that formed the global mobile communications industry, and this isn't surprising since they have been existing for over 80 years. The first mobile phones and base stations in the world were created by Motorola. And, this doesn't mean that their phones are outdated or old-fashioned – they continue to keep up with the trends and invent new kinds of technology features for their mobile phone users to enjoy.

All smartphones from Motorola have the Android operating system, the most popular OS in the world. They have committed to offering their customers high-quality since the time they became pioneers in the mobile communications industry.

Motorola mobile phones are always fitted with the latest inventions and offer high quality to their customers. Enjoy great Android experiences and classic designs, all focused on improving the lives of their customers and changing the way customers use smartphones.

From the older series to the Motorola latest phones, you can look out for high quality whenever you purchase phones from Motorola. You can get only high quality and a wide range of benefits. Here are some of the reasons why you should go for Motorola.

Wide Selection of Mobile Phones at Lenovo

If you're going for Motorola phones, there's no shortage of choices to choose from when you purchase at Lenovo. From Razr to the e-series and g-series, Motorola's many smartphone series are always quite impressive, and luckily, you can enjoy them at Lenovo. Lenovo offers these products at only affordable prices, and the quality remains high through and through. When you purchase smartphone products at Lenovo.com, you can expect quick delivery and a great shopping experience.

All Kinds of Accessories and Tech Products

Motorola also comes to you with all kinds of accessories and technology products that would enhance your experience. Whether you want an enhanced sound or need some smart products to step up your home, you can purchase them from Motorola.

The accessories include the touch screen stylus pen, cases, wearables, charging, headphones and auto accessories. If you need smart home products, Motorola also has smart nursery products, modems and routers, security and surveillance products, home and office phones and outdoor products.

Without spending too much time exploring, you can buy accessories and software of all kinds from Lenovo.

Great Reputation and Many Years of Experience

With over 80 years in the mobile communications industry, it comes as no surprise that the Motorola phones have high quality. They have many years of experience, and it shows in the quality and designs of their products.

Motorola has an excellent reputation for offering all smartphone buyers top-quality. Anyone who knows smartphones know Motorola, especially for their budget-friendly products. The best thing about purchasing Motorola mobile phones is how they keep on reinventing their products and keep up with the trends. Their engineers are constantly thriving on invention and bringing up new ways to solve new problems.

More Value for Your Purchase

When you purchase Motorola mobile phones, you can look out for high value even with the low price. Their phones offer more value for your prices whenever you buy them. Although they come at a low price, this doesn't mean that the phones offer low quality.

The Motorola Android phones mean that anyone has access to a good phone regardless of their budget. Their phones come as low as $80 at Lenovo, and they are always packed with amazing features that you can look out for.

Shop Motorola at Lenovo.com

Enjoy a great shopping experience with the Motorola smartphones. When you buy phones from Lenovo, you can expect to enjoy low prices and high quality. Since Motorola already has great phones in its collection, Lenovo is thrilled and honoured to partner with such a highly reputable company that is globally renown in the mobile communications industry.

The Motorola smartphones are just one of the many accessories and software, and mobile devices that Lenovo sells. You can check out our collection of devices, accessories and widgets right now to up your technology experience.

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