Best Laptops for School

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Best Laptops for School

Looking for the best laptop for school and feeling stuck? Does the variety got you confused?

There might be a lot of things like budget, battery life, durability, screen size, memory, etc. to consider during your decision-making process. And we understand that.

Having said that, you need to decide what is your priority. Irrespective of whether you’re looking to upgrade your old laptop or buy a brand new one, the ultimate objective should be to look for one that allows you to enjoy an optimum educational experience.

Besides academic pursuits, student life demands a lot from you – whether it is the ability to perform online research, collaborate with your peers, or create design projects, a student laptop could be the most important tool in your survival kit for college.

With the variety of options available in the market, it could be tough to figure out what exactly is a ‘must-have’ feature versus what’s good to have. We have made the task slightly easier for you. Let’s dive in!

Remote learning

Times are changing and norms too. Once students-teachers' live interactions used to be a normal scenario but now computers and technology have replaced much of it.

The basic things that matter to ensure smooth remote learning is strong connectivity, a good-quality webcam, good sound quality, and so on. Chromebooks, Ideapad Flex, and Yoga series are well-equipped with all the necessary features that make the learning experience even better for you. The clear display of graphics is the cherry on top. These laptops are equipped with many other advantages that will be revealed further in the article.

Weight, portability, and screen size

Students are generally mobile, which means that they should be equipped a backpack that doesn’t weigh them down or constrict their movement. Almost all the models from Lenovo have a weight range of one to two kgs, which is a great weight to size ratio. They can be easily carried around and thus are very portable. If you’re looking for an extremely lightweight PC, then Chromebooks are your best option.

A good laptop for school should have a good screen size between 13 to 15.6 inches to avoid any kind of strain on your eyes. Ideapad Flex provides up to 15.6 inches of screens while Yoga and Chromebooks show a good diversity too.


As school students, you might have a lot of tasks to finish that would require you to browse the internet for a good amount of time. You would also have a lot of files like movies, songs, assignments, etc. to share with your friends. Both lead to the requirement of good connectivity. A good laptop for school work should have good connectivity to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Chromebooks, Yoga, and Ideapad Flex have good connectivity that will make sharing and browsing experience butter smooth. The yoga series also consists of models with up to 5G connectivity.

Processor and memory

All the Lenovo laptops are equipped with either AMD or Intel processors. Both processors are well known for their power and performance. There are different variations of the Intel Core processors model in these three series that you can choose from, the highest version being the Intel 11th Gen Core i9.

Good processors are important for a good interface with your laptop as good processors make the processes smooth and fast. It is, however, not important to opt for the highest version, you can choose from the other options too depending on your requirements.

The second thing that goes alongside good processing power is memory. It is variable according to the requirements of an individual. If you tend to store a lot of data like videos, games, and all, Ideapad Flex and Yoga will provide you with decent memory space. The memory space starts from 4GB and can extend up to 512GB.

Chromebooks on the other hand provide a low memory ideal for saving documents, sheets, and some images. Chromebooks also come with a lot of variations in memory with 16GB being the maximum. The storage capacities are also great for all three series ranging from 32GB to 2TB, with different variations of memory size.

Battery life

Battery life is one of the main factors that people think of when purchasing a laptop. Let’s admit no one wants to face the hassle of charging their laptops every one or two hours.  And, mostly in schools, the plug point connections are either busy or far out of reach. So, charging your laptops become difficult. Hence you need a laptop that comes with a great battery life to last you through the day.

The battery life varies from 10 to 24 hours for Chromebook and Yoga while Ideapad Flex has a great battery life too with a maximum of 10 hours, considering its heavy processing power.

Operating system

Operating systems (OS) are known to give life to your computers and that’s why you have to be really decisive when choosing them. All three series covered in this article have in-built OS with either Chrome OS or Windows 10, both of which are considered good choices for school laptops.

Windows just provide you an upper hand in comparison to Chrome OS as it is compatible with most of the applications and features. Depending on what you expect from your laptop, you can choose the one you feel is right for you.

Customer support

Lenovo’s high-skilled customer support team makes it easy for you to reach out for technical assistance in case you face any issues. The support is provided by a team of well-trained technicians who come with varied experiences to troubleshoot different kind of system issues.

Why should students buy at

Lenovo laptops come with multiple price range options ranging from £219 to £1999. The different price points create a variety of options that you can choose from. You can also avail student discounts provided by Lenovo to save more.

We have a deep of back to school selection of laptops, desktops, tablets and more for students. Our laptops are designed to give you the versatility and durability to take your laptop into the classroom or enjoy it at home for entertainment and gaming. Need accessories? We offer a wide selection of accessories and software that will help you complete your study space.

Buying the best laptop school for you doesn't have to be complicated. While also staying within your budget, parents and students can find helpful tips on how to choose the right computer for school needs in the student FAQ section. Or how about checking out our gaming for students laptops that can go from school PC to gaming rig easily. And remember, Lenovo offers free shipping on all orders and easy returns.

Before you buy a computer for school, list your requirements as well as your budget and then make a thoughtful decision. This article was just a guide through the basic points and there are more features like graphics, ports, audio, etc. that you can look into, which again depends on your requirements and preferences.

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