What are Arrow Keys?

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What are Arrow Keys?

Arrow keys are a group of keys on computer keyboards that are used for navigating within the user interface, such as moving the cursor from one line of text to the next. They usually consist of four buttons with up, down, right, and left arrow symbols on them, but some keyboards may feature five or more. The Page Up and Page Down keys are often part of the arrow key group.

What do arrow keys do?

Arrow keys are used to move the cursor left, right, up, and down on the screen, enabling you to move through documents and webpages without having to use your mouse. You can also use the arrow keys—in combination with other keys such as CTRL or SHFT—to select individual words and blocks of text to be cut, copied, etc.

Are arrow keys programmable?

Yes, users can sometimes customize their arrow key functions. This is usually done through configuration or settings menus within the different applications you use, or within the operating system such as Windows or Linux. This can make using certain programs easier and faster by designating custom actions in each key.

How do I reset my arrow keys to the default?

To switch your arrow keys back to their default capabilities, go to your computer's keyboard settings and select the option to reset your keyboard to its default settings.

What is reverse scrolling with arrow keys?

Reverse scrolling is a setting that allows you to pull content up instead of pushing content down when using the up-arrow key to scroll through a document or webpage. It essentially reverses the direction in which your mouse scroll wheel moves through the content, so you can see previously viewed content more easily than having to keep pushing forward with the mouse wheel.

How do arrow keys work on laptops?

Arrow keys work on laptop computers just like they do on desktops, although you might have to look to find them. Laptop models and sizes differ, so while some show arrow keys in the lower-right corner of the keyboard (like desktop keyboards), others save space by combining the arrow keys with other keys, sometimes requiring you to simultaneously press other buttons such as FN to activate the arrow function.

Can arrow keys help me access shortcuts?

Yes, arrow keys are an easy way to access shortcuts for commonly used commands. Depending on the program, a combination of keystrokes such as CTRL plus an arrow key may launch different functions or features. Check the user guide for details. In addition, when a word processing program suggests the next word in your sentence, pressing the right or left arrow key will sometimes accept (or reject) the suggestion.

Are there advantages and disadvantages to using arrow keys?

The main advantage of using arrow keys is they help you quickly move around the PC interface or select words or text blocks (in combination with other keys). A disadvantage is that arrow keys may require a bit more effort than simply clicking something with your mouse.

What’s the difference: using arrow keys vs. using a mouse?

The big difference between using arrow keys versus your mouse is that arrow keys may require you to use specific key combinations for some actions, such as selecting text. If using a mouse, you can simply point, click and drag over your target area—and even initiate other actions if your mouse is equipped with both right- and left-click buttons

Are arrow keys useful while I’m typing?

Yes, some programs offer word completion capabilities that can suggest words related to whatever you’re currently typing—just press one of the arrow keys.

Can I resize Windows with my arrow keys?

Yes. Place your cursor over an edge of active window until it displays a double-sided arrow icon, then press the left mouse button and the arrow button corresponding to how you wish to reshape the window.

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