What are the principal features of Lenovo X?

Leading Thermals:

Precision engineered thermal design system allows for 70W of power to be packed into a thin and light chassis through a seamless micron-level heat conduction system, consisting of extreme speed and air-flow hurricane fans inspired by aerodynamic airduct design found in aircrafts.

Scenario Tuning:

More performance when you need it, more battery when you don’t. Specific software and hardware optimizations ensure the best DCC application performance possible (for select applications) [NVIDIA STUDIO] (AMD)(INTEL) // [P/E CORE FINE TUNING] (INTEL).

Turbo Matrix:

  1. DDS / Mux Switch enables better frame rate and less input delay in gaming
  2. Dynamically allocates power to the CPU and GPU depending on application needs to capitalize on thermal capabilities ,and push the processors to their limits for faster, more responsive performance

Top Tier Hardware:

  1. Top tier SSD. Faster more stable transfer speeds.
  2. Higher fidelity battery cells allow for more charge cycles over the course of the battery’s lifetime

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