What Are The Pros and Cons of a Dual Monitor Gaming Setup?

Gamers are constantly looking for new ways to enhance their gaming experience, and the dual monitor setup is one of the popular ways to do so. Now that LED monitors are pretty affordable, it becomes easier to add more than one display to their computer.

A dual monitor gaming setup is one where the gamer plays on two separate screens simultaneously. With this kind of setup, one monitor will be the primary option, while the second would be the secondary screen for multitasking.

Once you have the extra monitor, you can set up the dual monitor design and enjoy your gaming experience.

What to Consider for Your Dual Monitor Setup

Before setting up a dual monitor gaming system, there are different factors you need to consider to make things work. You need to ensure that you have the space, cables, and cords needed to set up the two monitors for your gaming experience.

Do you have the desktop space for the setup?

The first thing to consider is how much space you have to accommodate two monitors simultaneously. This is where your workspace layout comes into play. With two monitors, you might adjust the orientation or design of your screen constantly, especially across the different devices.

But, if the space is too tight, it would not be easy to make adjustments as you see fit and enjoy using the two monitors. Before purchasing an additional monitor, you should check your workspace to see if it can fit two monitors or should you buy a bigger one.

With a bigger workspace, you can declutter your desk, save space and enjoy better accessibility.

Can you buy mounts that will fit your new monitors?

The next thing you need to keep in mind is whether you can get mounts that would go well with your new monitors. Mounts are essential accessories you need to get dual monitor setups, although some monitors come with built-in and flexible stands that accommodate adjustments.

While some monitors have integrated mounts, they won’t be the same with having a wall mount or monitor arm. This makes it super easy to achieve your setup. For instance, you can place a gaming monitor for PS5 with another for streaming and connect them with a monitor arm.

Getting mounts would also help you declutter your workspace and save space.

What screen size is preferred?

The screen size you prefer is also an essential factor because while it’s possible to have two monitors with different screen sizes, it’s always better to have those of the same size. This would offer a balanced experience and make it seem like you have a huge screen.

Along with the screen size you want, the frame rates and performance of the screen are also significant. For example, if you purchase the best 240hz monitor for gaming, it’s best to combine it with a monitor of the same refresh rates so that you get balance.

When choosing your screen size, it’s also advisable to choose those with very thin bezels because this helps when moving from one display to another while you game.

Exploring the Benefits of a Dual Monitor Setup

There are many reasons why gamers dream of having a dual monitor setup, more because of the different ways in which it enhances the gaming experience. You might want this setup because you want to be fully immersed and enjoy stimulating games, you want to multitask, or you’re going into live streaming. Besides gamers, business people, IT professionals, and those who work from home also prefer this setup for productivity. Whatever it is, different benefits come with making this decision.

Playing at higher resolutions

One of the primary monitor features that can make or break your experience while your game is the resolution. Low resolution is awful for playing any game, but you will enjoy higher resolutions with two monitors. This is possible when your two monitors are the same size, resolution, and refresh rates.

If you buy the best 240hz monitor for gaming and couple it with a secondary monitor of the same specs, you can set them up as a single display with a higher resolution. Let’s say you get two 1080p monitors; when combined, your total resolution is a single 3840 by 1080 monitor.

It becomes easier to submerge yourself into the game you’re playing and enjoy the experience with a higher resolution. It also makes the games appear more realistic and exciting, mainly when you use curved monitors.

Great for streaming

Another benefit that comes with using the dual monitor setup for your gaming is the ease of streaming. If you’re planning to stream online or need better equipment to make your streaming more effortless and more advanced, an extra monitor would do the trick.

You can stream your game sessions on YouTube or Twitch with the gaming monitor for PS5 while watching the comments, messages, and requests that your viewers send to you with the secondary monitor. So, you don’t have to stop gaming before you check messages.

While streaming online, you might also need an additional monitor to operate the software and ensure there is no problem. The secondary monitor can be used to browse information about the game and do more. Many gamers online turn to the dual monitor setup to interact with their viewers in real-time while still playing the game.

Utilizing your second screen for non-gaming related functions

You might be a gamer, but that might not be all you need your computer for. Even though you don’t stream, the dual-monitor design would be helpful.

If you’re someone who likes to be organized, or you work while you play, a dual monitor setup would come in handy. Thus, you can game on one and work, watch videos and movies, browse the internet, chat with others, and check social media, and more while gaming.

Since many people work from home, having two monitors would also benefit your productivity by making it possible to multitask. Also, if you’re playing a game with a lot of repetitive grinding, the second monitor can stop you from being bored through YouTube, Netflix, and more.

Potential Drawbacks of a Dual Monitor Setup

Having a dual monitor setup might sound fantastic, and it mostly is, except that there are a few downsides that you need to keep in mind. These disadvantages include the problem of compatibility, accessories, and investments, and unplayable games. As long as you expect these and avoid them, you can enjoy using two monitors.

Needing the same monitors to guarantee compatibility

To pull the dual monitor gaming setup off, you need to have two monitors with the same specs. This includes their native resolution, sizes, refresh rates, response times, and more. Keep in mind that this only counts if you want to operate the two monitors as one, but if not, you can deal with one computer lagging.

If you already have a monitor, it’s advisable to look out for one that matches it and connect them both. You also have to check if the hardware can take two displays because many gamers end up with an additional monitor that cannot be combined. With double the resolution, your hardware becomes burdened.

If you can’t purchase two monitors of the same kind, extensive research comes into play. You need to properly research a wide range of monitors and choose those compatible with a dual setup.

Some games won’t be playable

Not all games can be played with two monitors, which is quite disappointing, especially for those who enjoy these kinds of games. If you’re planning to use the two monitors as one, you won’t enjoy playing first-person games and other games with a crosshair in the middle of the display.

This is because of the bezels of both monitors, which are located at the center, and there is nothing you can do to correct this. You can look out for top games that are playable with two monitors or only use the primary monitor whenever you need to play these kinds of games.

Other investments to consider

Besides buying a new monitor to add to the one you have or two monitors to set up the dual design, there are other things you have to buy, which you should keep in mind. You will need a third-party monitor arm or wall mount to position the two monitors ergonomically. This is especially required if the two monitors are of different sizes and shapes or you are dealing with limited desk space.

You would also need to purchase the necessary cables for connecting the two computers. Examples of cables that you might need include the USB-C and VGA, although it also depends on the ports on both computers. Without connecting them, you can’t operate them as a dual monitor.

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