What is the Microsoft Windows 11 Operating System?

Windows 11 is the next major version of the Windows operating system (OS) that Microsoft plans to release this year. The launch of this OS marks exactly six years since the company last released a new version of windows. Microsoft has not released another version of Windows for quite some time because Windows 10 was a continuously updated operating system... Read More

What is Linux?

Linux is a free computer operating system authored by a community of open-source developers. Linux serves as an alternative to the more well-known Windows or OS/X. Unlike these mainstream operating systems, Linux is a crowd-sourced project that anyone... Read More

How to Install Linux

You’ve heard about the Linux operating system. But have you tried it on your PC? It’s easy to do – in many cases, you don’t even have to remove the Microsoft Windows OS you’re using now. And Linux is virtually cost-free. So what are you waiting for?...Read More

What is Linux Used For?

Like the train engine of folktale fame, Linux has emerged as "the little operating system that could," with developers vowing "I think I can" with each new use and adaptation. In fact, in the 30 years since its inception, Linux has grown beyond all expectations... Read More

How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and Linux

It might not work for mixing soft drinks - yuck! - or following different football/soccer clubs (fans typically pick one team and stick with it). But it CAN work for PC operating systems, where it’s possible – easy, even – to install both Microsoft Windows and a Linux OS... Read More

How to Install Linux on a Chromebook

The Linux operating system is free, open source, and known for the features it delivers without using a lot of RAM and other resources. Chromebooks – built on Google’s stripped down, Linux-based Chrome OS – are prized for their light weight... Read More

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