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Fun Ways for Teens to Use Portable Monitors

Portable monitors like the Mobile Pixels Duex are a flexible and versatile way to bring the benefits of the big screen wherever you are. Whether you’re at home, school, or hanging with friends, a dual-screen means you can have twice the fun.

What is a portable monitor?

A portable monitor is a fun and lightweight way to get big-screen benefits when you’re on the move. When you carry a travel PC monitor alongside your laptop, gaming console, or smartphone, you can expand your screen right when you need it.

Whether you’re a gamer, a student, or a content creator, a portable computer display gives you the space you need to express yourself without restrictions.

For creatives and creators

Portable monitors are built to help creatives and creators do their best work.

For the budding artist

Expand your canvas

Whether you’re working on an illustration, Anime, or editing a video, extendable monitors give your creations room to breathe.

The best art expresses your vision through creativity and fine details. So, give your work the canvas it deserves with a screen that makes those colors pop.

For the master musician

Stay in control

Whether you're mixing tracks or producing beats, two screens are better than one. Flip through your samples and effects on one screen while keeping an eye on your timeline with the other. Nothing beats having your DAW wide open so you can stay in your flow when you need to tweak your masterpiece.

From earbuds for walking around to music production-grade over-ear headphones, check out our custom headphones that look as cold as your beats.

For the fashion influencer

Portfolio, lookbook, or photo album

Double your chances of finding the perfect fit by scrolling with a dual-monitor setup. Check out the best new clothes in glorious detail and organize your outfits with Pinterest on one screen and your fashion blog draft on the next.

With a portable display, your virtual closet can spring into life. The only thing better is all the likes and shares you’ll get with your new lit creation.

For learners

A second screen opens up new possibilities for teens who thirst for knowledge and growth.

For the savvy student

Multitask like a pro

Studying doesn’t have to happen at home. You can knock your important school projects out of the park by displaying homework on one screen and research on the other.

Stop toggling tabs and start saving time with a dual-display study station that keeps up with your busy brain. Try out a foldable monitor for students so you can hit the grades you want.

For the language learner

Learn in half the time

For the deepest digital immersion in a different culture, get a dual monitor so you can play foreign films on one screen and Duolingo on the other. Can’t understand a word or phrase? Translate it without toggling the screen, and you’ll be fluent in no time at all.

For thrill-seekers

When you’re working hard at school, you need to let off some steam. A portable monitor helps you follow your passion.

For the hardcore gamer

Take your gameplay to the next level

When you’re deep in battle, you need to keep your wits about you. A portable gaming monitor helps you open out the world for a more immersive and cinematic gaming experience.

Maximize your screen real estate and get an advantage over your competition by seeing things with more clarity and precision. No more squinting at your screen, just win after win in glorious detail.

If you want to glow up your gaming setup, check out our custom mice and mini-keyboards.

For the sports lover

Never miss a game

Tired of fitting your life around your favorite team's schedule? Make their timeline fit around yours instead and enjoy the game in the sharp detail it deserves. Celebrate home runs and dunks from the comfort of your room, the back of the car, or wherever your life takes you on game day.

For the fitness freak

Stay on the move when you’re on the go

Don’t let your fitness schedule suffer because you’re away from home. Connect a portable screen to your smartphone, and you can follow along to your favorite fitness tutorials from your backyard, the park, or anywhere else you can lay your mat.

For the intrepid traveler

Home comforts in new horizons

Just because you’re traveling to new locations doesn’t mean you need to miss out on your gaming and movies. A lightweight travel PC monitor gives you the best of both worlds. Broaden your horizons and expand your screen at the same time.

For the entertainment-obsessed

Your laptop and smartphone help you stay connected and experience a rich world of entertainment. A portable monitor is the upgrade you need.

For the social butterfly

Keep the chat flowing

Chat with your friends on one screen while you watch the newest drop from your favorite creator on the other. Never miss an important moment again because you’re toggling between screens. Keep scrolling, liking, and replying while staying connected with your BFFs.

For the film lover

Bring the theater to you

Binge out on your favorite series or new releases on your timetable. With our extendable monitors, you can watch lavish set pieces and glorious battles just as the director intended.

Film night doesn’t mean that you need to stay at home. Instead, you can bring a foldable monitor, so you and your friends can gather around the screen under the stars or on the school or sports team van trip. All you need to worry about is finding some popcorn.

Folding it up

Portable monitors help you study, create, and chase your dreams wherever you are. Turn long drives with the family into gaming sessions or memorable cinematic experiences. Single screens are cool, but why not have twice the fun with a dual monitor?

When you have a second screen, the possibilities are endless. Unleash your individuality with a larger display and the resolution your passions deserve.

See more products that you’ll love on our Family Centre Homepage.

Everyone wants a big screen when they are watching shows or creating. However, if you want your monitor to be truly portable, something around 14” to 15.5” is the perfect balance between lots of screen real estate and a monitor that feels light enough to carry around within your bag. 

Battery usage is another thing to consider. Your portable monitor runs off your smartphone or laptop. A huge screen would drain your device quickly, reducing the time you have to spend gaming or watching movies.

Not everyone needs a second monitor. But if you find that you run out of screen space quickly or you want to multitask more, a second monitor is a great solution. For example, chatting to your friends on social media while watching a movie is a much better experience with a second monitor.

What’s more, a second monitor opens up new possibilities, such as a connected and uncluttered workspace even when you’re on the move. 

A portable computer screen has several different benefits, such as compatibility with a number of devices, portability when traveling, and increased productivity due to dual-screen.

There are so many different ways that you can use a second screen to improve your productivity.

Yes, a portable gaming monitor is a great choice for gaming on the go. A 1080p screen with a 60Hz refresh rate is perfect for mobile gaming. A portable computer screen that you can use on the go is not intended to replace your gaming rig. 

Of course, you can also use a foldable computer monitor to extend a Nintendo Switch or gaming console, which is perfect if you’re away from home and you need to get your game on. 

Modern portable and lightweight monitors offer excellent color accuracy and resolution, which makes them suitable for graphic designers. Apart from that, a foldable computer monitor is a good choice for aspiring designers with limited desk space or anyone who needs a second screen so they can multitask or check back on reference materials. 

A Full HP (1080p) 15.5” screen is more than good enough for most designers who need the flexibility and mobility of a portable monitor. 

Yes. While a portable monitor alone might not be able to fully compete with dedicated photo editing desktop monitors, they’re more than capable of doing the job.

If you’re a photo editor working off a small laptop screen, a foldable computer monitor is a great way to boost screen real estate and keep your tools on one side and your canvas on the other. They’re also great for editors who like to find inspiration in different environments. 

While some lightweight monitors on the market do come with batteries, Lenovo’s range of portable monitors is powered by your device. Of course, portable screens will drain your smartphone or PC screen more quickly, so make sure you have your charger with you if you want to use dual-screen mode for extended periods. 

Most modern portable monitors connect through USB-C ports and draw power from your laptop or connected device. However, some devices use a HDMI cable, while other models have wireless connections.

Yes, some portable monitors come with touchscreen capabilities. The ThinkVision MT14 comes with an Active Pen, which is perfect for your touchscreen needs.

Yes, portable monitors can work with smartphones. However, you need to check if the USB-C connection supports DisplayPort Alt Mode or “screen sharing.” 

While a 4k portable display monitor will result in a crisp visual appearance, it also means that your display will be very power-hungry. Currently, Lenovo offers monitors up to Full HD (1080p) that provide a great blend of mobility and affordability.

Yes, several of our portable and lightweight monitors have built-in speakers. The Lenovo M14, M14t, and L15 all allow you to broadcast sound from your monitor.

However, it’s important to remember that keeping your monitor lightweight and truly portable means it won’t sound like a home stereo. That said, the sound quality is surprisingly good and works for you and your friends to huddle around and watch your favorite shows. 

No. While portable monitors have a small onboard memory to store things like input, brightness, and contrast settings, they don’t have storage like a computer. In short, all the data is held on the connecting device. 

Portable monitors are not a direct replacement for traditional desktop monitors, even if they can do a similar job. So, while a traditional monitor might have a higher resolution and refresh rate, they can’t compete with the flexibility of a foldable monitor. 

When portable monitors first broke onto the market, they were expensive. However, in recent years more affordable options have come onto the market. Lenovo portable monitors offer the perfect blend of value and strong specs.

Yes, while many gaming consoles use HDMI cables, if you have a USB-C monitor, you can use a HDMI to USB Adapter. Always check the specifications before you make a purchase. 

A 60Hz refresh rate is the most common among portable and foldable monitors. While there are portable monitors with 120Hz and above rates, they come at a higher price point. Portable monitors might not meet the needs of competitive gamers, but they’ll work for everyone else. 

Yes, most portable monitors come with integrated stands that help you keep your monitor propped up and ready to go. However, you can also find specialist stands that help you tilt your portable monitor at various angles.

Monitors also come with sleeves and cases, which help protect the screen when you’re in transit. 

No. Lenovo portable monitors are universally compatible. As long as your laptop, tablet, or smartphone has the appropriate ports, you can plug into your monitor and enjoy the benefits of a second screen. 

No. Portable monitors are plug-and-play. No installation is necessary. As long as you have the right connections, they’re ready to go.

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