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• Take advantage of flexible payment options with TruScale Device as a Service.

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• Save up to an extra 12% on Think everyday pricing
• Take advantage of flexible payment options with
TruScale Device as a Service.
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My Lenovo Rewards FAQ

My Lenovo Rewards FAQ


  • What is the My Lenovo Rewards Program?

    My Lenovo Rewards is Lenovo’s loyalty program for Singapore, Lenovo Pro & Education. As a My Lenovo Rewards member, you will earn reward points up to 3.00% of paid purchases as well as access to special promotions & product announcements. Rewards are redeemable toward future purchases.

    *TechSoup accounts are not eligible.

  • How to sign up for My Lenovo Rewards?

    Enroll for My Lenovo Rewards for yourself or for work and select the opt-in for My Lenovo Rewards.

  • Is My Lenovo Rewards the same as “My Account” on

    No, but members access their rewards dashboard through My Account. For customers who don’t have a “My Account,” an account will be created with registration. For customers who already have a "My Account," Rewards registration is available through your "My Account".

  • Where can I find the status of my rewards?

    Rewards can be viewed when you sign into your Lenovo account, under “View My Rewards”.

  • How do I reset my “My Account” password? I can’t remember my password?

    Forgot your password? Click Here

  • Can My Lenovo Rewards be linked to more than one email address?

    No, My Lenovo Rewards can only be associated with 1 email address.

  • Can I combine and/or consolidate multiple Lenovo accounts?

    Rewards accounts cannot be combined or consolidated.

  • What should I do if I have more questions about my Rewards?

    Please call 800-601-1481 followed by Option 2 and then Option 1 for personal accounts or 800-601-1481 followed by Option 2 and then Option 2 for business accounts.

  • Can I use My Lenovo Rewards in the Lenovo Pro small business store?

    No. You can’t redeem points earned on My lenovo rewards in the Lenovo Pro small business store.

  • Do I have to sign-in before making a purchase?

    Yes. You must be signed-in to earn rewards on your eligible purchases.

  • Will I earn points on Lenovo Outlet purchases?


  • What happens to my rewards if I cancel or return an order?

    Rewards will be auto applied even if you cancel or return the order.

  • Can I earn rewards on Data Center products?

    Rewards cannot be earned or redeemed on Lenovo Data Center products.

  • Can I earn rewards on Data Center products, Lenovo Managed services, or Software Subscriptions?

    Rewards cannot be earned or redeemed on Lenovo Data Center products, Lenovo Managed services, or Software Subscriptions.

  • How do I earn rewards?

    Earn up to 3.00% rewards on all paid purchases on & Lenovo Pro. View “My Account” for other activities that can earn you rewards.

  • How are points calculated?

    Rewards are calculated on your subtotal before taxes, shipping and payment. Total order reward value can be viewed in cart.

  • What are pending rewards?

    Pending rewards are rewards issued but not yet redeemable. Rewards are available for redemption 30-day post invoice. Pending rewards can be viewed in your My Lenovo Rewards account dashboard.

  • Are my Rewards calculated pre or post tax?

    Rewards are calculated pretax.

  • How soon after my purchase will I see my rewards earned in my account?

    Pending rewards will show in your account dashboard within 24 hours of purchase.

  • Can I earn points for purchases made before I was a My Lenovo Rewards member?

    Rewards are not retroactive and cannot be applied to orders prior to enrollment.

  • Engagement activities

    If you have questions or concerns on your engagement activities please contact our customer service team 800-601-1481 followed by Option 2 available Monday - Friday 8:30am-5pm (AEST)

  • Is there a limit to the rewards I can earn?

    Yes, there is an annual limit of SG$2,000 in My Lenovo Rewards. Members can still shop but after earning SG$2000 in Rewards in the same calendar year your purchases will not be eligible for Rewards.

  • How can I redeem My Lenovo Rewards?

    My Lenovo Rewards are redeemable in cart at the time of checkout. Available rewards will automatically be applied to all orders. Edit or remove applied rewards in cart in ‘Payment Method’. Rewards applied to orders will also be displayed on the in-cart order summary.

  • Can I pay for my order with multiple payment methods?


  • What if I don't have enough Rewards to buy what I want? How do I combine other forms of payment?

    Redeemable awards can be easily applied in cart at the time of checkout. Use as many or as few to pay for all or partial payment. Select the rewards in the payment field and add additional payment methods.

  • Can I use my rewards to pay for my entire order?

    Up to 90% of product subtotal (exc. GST) can be paid with Rewards and minimum Product price (exc. GST) should be SG$1 per item. Rewards are not redeemable on taxes

  • Do My Lenovo Rewards expire?

    Yes, rewards expire 6 months after they become earned status. Rewards will expire at the end of the 6th month.

  • What if I use only a portion of the value of the Reward? What happens to the remaining value of the Reward?

    Rewards not redeemed at the time of purchase will remain in your account until the 6th month expiration date. Available and expiring rewards can be viewed in your dashboard.

  • My Lenovo Rewards Survey Drawing Terms and Conditions:

  • Take the survey at the end of a call or chat with a Lenovo sales representative to enter into the drawing

  • Customers are allowed one entry into the weekly contest (Monday – Sunday)

  • The weekly winner will be notified via email and the points will be added to their My Lenovo Rewards account within 24 hours of the email.

  • Customers must enroll in My Lenovo Rewards in order to receive the rewards dollars.

  • Rewards will expire after 6 months if are not used.

  • Offer only available to Singapore customers.

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