What is a Tower Server?

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What is a Tower Server?

Servers are the technology that allows businesses to scale and secure their data – and Lenovo has a wide selection of tower servers available to meet your needs.

Sure, you may be able to manage your business without a server at first. But once you start building up momentum, adding new employees, and growing your customer base, having the right technology can make all the difference for your team and overall success.

Tower servers resemble a desktop tower and are very affordable. A tower server is ideal if you don’t need a full data center but still have cybersecurity and data storage needs. It offers robust solutions to help you run your business without breaking the bank, and you can easily store them under a desk or in a cabinet.

The benefits of tower servers are endless when it comes to small business applications. Whether you are looking to take control of your own datacenter, access greater storage space, or improve the security of your organization’s data, Lenovo is here to help.

We have a wide variety of tower servers and other accessories available to ensure that you can take your small business to the next level. Keep reading to learn more about what a tower server is, the best server for small businesses, and how to get one set up.

What is a Tower Server?

A tower server is a standalone solution that is encased in an upright cabinet. This design is also called a chassis configuration, but you will likely recognize them as something that looks very similar to a desktop tower – hence the name tower server.

Most businesses store tower servers underneath an office desk or locked in a cabinet. They are relatively compact and easy to store, so you don’t need to worry about expanding your office to house an entire server room.

Tower servers are compact because they don’t require a lot of software or components. This also means that it is simple for companies to customize their setup, maintain a streamlined upgrade strategy, and minimize cost.

You may be wondering, which is the best server for the money? Is a tower server the best server for small businesses?

The answer to this question will vary, but if you don't need a full-blown datacenter, then a tower server is a great solution. A small office server like the ones offered at Lenovo is perfect for hosting a database and other high-demand services.

For instance, if you need several devices to access a central database – think a point-of-sale system or similar setup – then you need a server on your premises. Tower servers provide a stable connection since the client machines are all linked to the same network, and you won't get any unexpected expenses for reading or writing data, compute time, or the size of the database.

Tower servers also provide small businesses with an impressive amount of storage, which can help your brand grow and expand. At Lenovo, we have the best server deals so that you can find the most effective solution for your business. With the top technology at your fingertips, you will be able to take control of your data and create a competitive advantage for your brand.

What are the Benefits of a Tower Server?

Now that you understand what a tower server is and how it works, let's dive into the benefits of choosing this technology for your small to mid-sized business.

These are often considered the best small business server because they provide a range of advantages for the lowest cost. These benefits include a lower component density, a simple upgrade process, minimal maintenance, and fewer space constraints.

The component density is much lower on a tower server when compared to other options like a blade or rack server. This means that it is easier to keep the servers cool, which will ultimately lead to lower energy costs and reduce the need for fans and other cooling equipment.

Tower servers also require less maintenance, which is perfect for small companies that need access to a server but may not necessarily have a large IT team on staff to manage them. Similarly, upgrading and configuring tower servers is straightforward – you can set them up for your specific needs without undergoing a complicated setup process.

These are not the only reasons why a tower server is likely the best server for your small business, though. One of the main reasons you should invest in a Lenovo tower server is that it offers extensive benefits compared to cloud servers.

For example, relying on a cloud provider for your storage and server access means you do not have direct control over data – which could put your business at risk. We’ve all heard stories of large security breaches that even the largest platforms could not prevent, so hosting a tower server can help you avoid those risks.

Likewise, the cost of managing tower servers can be more easily controlled than cloud subscriptions. Even if your monthly plan is cheaper at the beginning, over time, your needs might grow to the point where you are stuck with a considerable capital outlay each month. Instead, opt for a small business tower server that can address issues like data storage and processing power - without breaking the bank.

How to Get, Store, and Use your Tower Server

At Lenovo, we have all the technology and resources you need to get, store, and use your tower server. We also offer rack mounts and rack servers, which are a level above the tower servers we described.

To search for the right solution for your business, start browsing our rack servers and similar products. Here you can review different specs, pricing, and reviews to find the best fit for your business. Likewise, you can reach out to an expert at Lenovo who can walk you through your options and answer any questions that you might have.

A rack mount server is a type of computer that is housed in a server rack. Unlike a tower server that resembles a desktop, these hard drives are situated inside of a rack and stacked on top of each other. This configuration means that they can help you conserve space and maximize cooling so that you can optimize your servers and computing power.

Everything is self-contained in the rack server, allowing you to run it as a single system or through a network. Each device includes a power source, CPU, and memory, so they can significantly enhance your computing power.

Rack servers are easily expandable, too – all you need to do is add another server into the stack. Maintenance is also simplified thanks to the fact that everything is contained within the rack server. If you need to remove one to upgrade or repair it, you don't have to take the entire rack offline. The technician just needs to slide the rack server in and out of the container - an ideal setup for hot swaps.  

These capabilities are crucial for running a small business that can scale and keep up with varying computing needs.

Tower servers are the top solution when it comes to choosing a small office server. Not only are they the best server for the money, but they are also compact, easy to maintain, and highly customizable.

They resemble a desktop computer and can be stored under a desk or in a cabinet – you don’t need an entire server room to house them. Likewise, tower servers do not require an IT staff to upgrade or maintain. They are a simple yet powerful solution that will give you access to better data storage, connectivity, and computing power.

At Lenovo, our goal is to give you access to the tools you need to grow your business. When you first start or have just one or two employees, it is simple to manage your IT needs. All you need to do is update or address those few devices or share files via email or through a USB drive.

However, once you start growing and find yourself with five, six, ten, or fifteen employees, these small tasks can become increasingly complex. Instead of manually coordinating with these individual team members and their devices, you can rely on a tower server.

Investing in a tower server by Lenovo also gives you the benefit of retaining your data on-site. Don't rely on a third-party cloud provider that may or may not meet your cybersecurity standards. The best solution is a server, as it gives you direct control of your data security policies and other IT practices.

In other words, just because you don’t necessarily need a datacenter does not mean that your only option is a cloud subscription. Tower servers are an ideal alternative since they do not compromise on cost or performance.

Lenovo offers everything you need to get your tower servers set up for your small business. Our experts can walk you through the process and ensure that you can get started right away.

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