Signs That You Need a Small Business Server

Congrats, your small business must be doing something right! How do we know? Well, you’re reading an article about how to know when your small business is ready for a server – which suggests that your business has grown to the point where a server is probably a wise investment, and that deserves some recognition... Read More

The Benefits of Small Business Servers

When you launched your small business, it may have had two or three employees, or maybe you were the only one holding down the fort. Each person had their own computer, and if anyone needed to share a file with someone else... Read More

What is a Blade Server?

When you think of a server or a data center, you are probably imagining a room full of wires, buzzing hard drives, and flashing lights – but did you know that Lenovo offers servers designed for small businesses and large corporations alike... Read More

What is a Rack Server FAQ

A small business server is a PC at heart. It has a CPU, memory (RAM), storage (hard drives), a power supply, ports, and provisions for connecting to a network... Read More

What is a Tower Server?

Servers are the technology that allows businesses to scale and secure their data – and Lenovo has a wide selection of tower servers available to meet your needs... Read More

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