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Types of tablets offered by Lenovo

Lenovo offers a wide selection of quality tablet computers, from the hold-in-one-hand convenience of traditional slate tablets, to the power and versatility of combination 2-in-1 tablet/laptop systems. We’ve got Android tablets and Windows tablets, work tablets, and entertainment tablets. There’s even a Lenovo tablet that also works as a tabletop smart display to help you control your home, the Smart Tab.

Ready to find a business or personal tablet that fits your needs? Keep reading to learn more about the different kinds of tablets from Lenovo, plus some answers to typical tablet buying questions.

Tablet comparison: Different types of tablets from Lenovo

Lenovo tablet PCs come in multiple sizes and run either the Android or Windows operating system. There are even models with innovative multi-mode hinges that let you position in new ways, and attachable/detachable keyboards that enable to work as laptops when needed.

Here’s a quick run-down to help you compare tablets from Lenovo:

  • Hand-held, use-anywhere slate tablets

  • Is there anyone today who doesn’t love the convenience of a hand-held, slate-style tablet you can carry with you, or rest on your lap, to run apps, stream movies, or message with friends?

    The Android-based Lenovo Tab Series goes with you anywhere, with multiple size and price options. The Lenovo Tablet 10 runs Microsoft Windows – and there’s an optional keyboard, too.

  • Secure and reliable ThinkPad tablets

  • What if you could get a tablet that’s built in the tradition of Lenovo’s legendary ThinkPad brand? Ultraportable ThinkPad Tablets deliver the business-ready features that make ThinkPad a staple in offices worldwide. They offer up to 13” QHD+ displays, and they’re “2-in-1 detachable,” with an ultra-thin keyboard you can remove when you just need the touch screen.

  • Convertible 2-in-1 laptop/tablets

  • How’d you like a tablet that you can sit on your lap or hang on the wall for group viewing, or one that can flip back and forth between tablet and keyboard-equipped laptop? The Yoga Tablet lets you hold, tilt, stand, or hang the device as needed. Or there’s the Yoga Book, a “2-in-1 convertible" that you can use as either touch screen tablet to traditional laptop.

  • NEW: Combination smart screen/tablet

  • Wouldn’t it be great if your tablet could still help you even when it’s sitting across the room? Our new Lenovo Smart Tab is one part Android tablet and one part smart home hub – in other words, a “smart tablet.” Use it as you would any tablet, or put it in the included Lenovo Smart Dock to activate Show Mode (the visual form of Amazon Alexa) to order groceries, check your security cameras, etc.

With these and other ground-breaking tablet systems, Lenovo is helping to lift the everyday tablet from simple home entertainment device to multi-function business tool.

Do Lenovo tablets have long battery life?

Lenovo tablets will keep you up and running all day long. There are models in our Yoga Tablet series that can run for up to 20 hours* straight, or you can get up to 15 hours* of unplugged time with select systems in both our ThinkPad and Lenovo tablet lines.

*All battery life numbers are estimates. Individual battery performance depends on how you use your tablet. Visit “Which Lenovo Tablet Has the Best Battery Life?” for more about our long-lasting tablets, battery life estimates, and tips for getting more from your tablet batteries.

Are Lenovo tablets good for watching videos or reading books?

Lenovo tablets such as the Tab Series are great mobile entertainment devices, optimized for video, music, games, and chat. Plus, connectivity is easy with USB, HDMI, and other ports.

Are any Lenovo tablets designed for business users?

The ThinkPad Tablet series extends famous ThinkPad security and reliability to the tablet market, with some of the latest Intel CPUs (including vPro options) and other business-friendly features such as attachable and detachable keyboard options. Many professionals also like the flexible Yoga Tablet series for its multi-mode hinges that make it easy to use alone or in groups.

Do Lenovo tablets come with warranties?

All Lenovo tablets come with one-year warranties. Extended warranties may be available for you to add during checkout.

Is a Lenovo tablet durable? What if it gets hit, or I drop it?

No tablet is indestructible, but Lenovo builds its tablets to last. The Lenovo Tablet 10, for example, has been evaluated for resistance to shock and vibration, keyboard and hinge life, fan reliability, panel scuffing, and more. Since it’s a ThinkPad, the ThinkPad X1 Tablet goes through more than 200 quality checks – including 12 military-grade requirements -- to ensure it will run in extreme settings.

So, take a look around. There’s a Lenovo tablet suited to any need, business or personal. You’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you.

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