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Premier Support Plus

Smarter knows a productive workforce is an unstoppable force.

Lenovo Premier Support Plus provides faster issue resolution, protects your investment, and prevents IT issues before they become problems.

A man and woman standing next to each other looking at another woman presenting information on a clipboard.

IT support has never been so easy

Premier Support Plus provides faster, better resolution — whatever issue you have. Get direct access to advanced technicians who are ready to provide unscripted solutions to problems related to hardware, software, or peripherals. And if your concern can't be solved remotely, our team will provide on-site support on the next business day.

Five people, three women and two men, walking up stairs that start at the bottom right side of the image and end at the top left of the image.

We provide peace of mind

  • A line illustration icon of a check mark in side a circle. Always-on support for hardware & software - 24x7x365
  • A line illustration icon of a check mark in side a circle. Protection against spills and other accidents
  • A line illustration icon of a check mark in side a circle. Data protection and increased privacy
  • A line illustration icon of a check mark in side a circle. Unscripted solutions through phone, chat, or email
  • A line illustration icon of a check mark in side a circle. Next business day onsite and parts prioritization
  • A line illustration icon of a check mark in side a circle. Extended battery warranty

Suite of smart services included

Premier Support Plus offers services that help your business in the journey toward maximum productivity.

Three women standing in a hallway looking at a tablet that the lady in the back is holding.

Accidental Damage Protection

Reduce device repair costs by up to 80% and protect your investment in technology.

A closeup of a person wearing glasses, looking at digital screen, with the information on the screen reflecting in their glasses.

Keep Your Drive

Enhance your data protection by keeping ownership of your hard-drive in case of replacement.

A woman in a tracksuit caught mid-jump over a concrete bench.

Sealed Battery

Increase the warranty of your battery up to 3 years and reduce the cost of repair in case of failure.

The premier difference

Standard Support
Premier Support
Premier Support Plus
Break/fix support for broken machines
Advanced technical support available 24 x 7 x 365 X
Comprehensive hardware & preloaded software support X
Unscripted solutions X
Next business day on-site labor & parts prioritization * (select markets) X
Sealed Battery coverage for up to 3 years X X
International Service Entitlement X X
Accidental Damage Protection X X

Keep Your Drive


Add a little Plus to your IT support

Whether you’re buying a new device, or refreshing your warranty, Premier Support Plus provides value to your business. You can easily add to your purchase when buying a new device or upgrade existing service via the Warranty Lookup function.

Five people, three men and two women, sitting around a table with office supplies, glasses, a coffee mug and 2 Lenovo ThinkBook Plus laptops sitting on the table.
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