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Implementation Services

Implementation Services


Accelera i tempi per ottimizzare la produttività e affrontare con successo già oggi le sfide di domani.

L'implementazione di una nuova soluzione può essere un'impresa impegnativa che richiede tempo. Uniformando l'applicazione di data center, potrai adottare nuove tecnologie rapidamente e in tutta semplicità. Ti aiuteremo a ridurre al minimo i rischi e a far sì che la nuova soluzione soddisfi le tue specifiche esigenze.


Hardware installation

For your enterprise to thrive, your time-to-productivity has to meet the rate that technology is evolving businesses to operate, deliver, and grow. Our experts can help:

  • Keep your IT focused on higher priorities. We'll seamlessly manage the physical installation of your server, storage or networking hardware.
  • Optimize your time. Our pre-installation checklists ensure things go smoothly, stay on budget, and help us handle everything end-to-end.

Deployment services

Our Professional Services engineers will help you implement a concise best-practices deployment methodology to install and configure administrative and user features, conduct the knowledge transfer, and more.

Comprehensive deployments include everything from configuration and integration to validation, training, and post-installation documentation.

Factory integrated services

Experienced installation and testing technicians complete your system's configuration and deployment tasks, as well as quality assurance testing, at the point of manufacturing. This virtually eliminates on-site installation challenges and:

  • Ensures your images are fully Lenovo compatible
  • Re-defines firmware settings for more consistent environment deployment
  • Enhances security with tamper-resistant asset tags attached in advance


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