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Powered by Lenovo, SAS is changing the world for the better

SAS relies on Lenovo systems to support cutting-edge research and development. By enabling customers to delve deeper into their data, SAS is helping them do amazing things.

Vestas harnesses the power of the wind with big data analytics running on Lenovo

Renewable energy giant Vestas uses a Lenovo HPC supercomputer cluster to support game-changing big data analytics.

LRZ enables groundbreaking research with an energy-efficient supercomputer

Utilizing Lenovo's Neptune™ liquid cooling technology, LRZ enables groundbreaking research with an energy-efficient supercomputer.

In the news

Ducati MotoGP

Faster, sleeker, smarter

As the key technology partner of Ducati MotoGP, Lenovo is helping transform motorcycle racing, making it safer, faster and smarter.
Powering life-enhancing research

Powering life-enhancing research

Austria’s leading supercomputer VSC-4 is now four times more powerful thanks to Lenovo and Intel, enabling ground-breaking research from genetics to quantum chemistry.
Tackling global issues with HPC

Tackling global issues with HPC

This thought leadership blog examines how High Performance Computing is taking on three of the world's biggest challenges.
Fueling Harvard's first liquid-cooled supercomputer

Fueling Harvard's first liquid-cooled supercomputer

Lenovo and Intel enable Harvard researchers to make advances in earthquake forecasting, mapping of ocean pollutants, and disease tracking and prediction.


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Lenovo Xperience newsroom

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Data center events

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