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Lenovo cloud marketplace - Woman shielding eyes

Lenovo Cloud Marketplace

Your one-stop shop for a wide range of cloud software subscriptions and services from Lenovo software and cloud partners.


Welcome to the Lenovo Cloud Marketplace

An online platform that enables organizations to purchase a wide range of software subscriptions and services, along with customer support and professional services. Initial offerings are from our strategic software partner Microsoft, but more are planned. Come back regularly to see the new offerings.

Why purchase from Lenovo?

  • Lenovo is a Microsoft Direct and Indirect Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP)
  • Integrated solutions with Lenovo ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile platforms
  • Lenovo Professional Services to help customers assess, design and implement their cloud migration
  • One support organization


Microsoft Azure Services Offerings - Upward view of clouds through iceberg

Microsoft Azure Services Offerings
Monthly subscriptions with no long-term commitments to over 1800 Azure services from Microsoft and Microsoft partners. Variable monthly payments based on how much of a service is consumed that month for that service. Many services may be deployed in private clouds on Azure Stack HCI software via the Lenovo ThinkAgile MX platform.

Microsoft Subscription - city skyscrapers

Microsoft Subscription Offerings

A variety of one-year and three-year subscription offerings to Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server software. Licenses may be deployed to private clouds and to the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud. A mobility feature allows these subscriptions to be moved from server to server as required.
Microsoft Azure Reserved Instances - city skyline

Microsoft Azure Reserved Instances

Reserve over 500 Azure services with longer term commitments and save up to 80 percent over monthly Azure offerings. Budget and forecast better with upfront payment for one-year or three-year terms. With this program you may exchange or cancel your reservations as needs evolve.


Lenovo offers customers two ways to purchase software subscriptions and services from the Lenovo Cloud Marketplace. These offerings may be purchased either directly from Lenovo or from an authorized Lenovo Partner.

Purchase from Lenovo - Lenovo office building

Purchase directly from Lenovo

Customers may purchase offerings on the Lenovo Cloud Marketplace directly from Lenovo. To find out more or place an order, contact your Lenovo sales representative.
Lenovo Partner logo

Purchase from an authorized Lenovo Partner

Customers may also purchase software subscriptions and services from an authorized Lenovo Partner. To find out more or place an order, contact your Lenovo Partner.
Lenovo Services - 3 people looking at plans

Augment your purchase with Lenovo Services

Lenovo professional services includes 24/7 support for Microsoft Azure plan and Microsoft Azure Reserved Instances. For these Azure services, Lenovo professional services team offers a free migration workshop. Additionally, Lenovo professional services also offers cloud migration services for assessment, design and implementation activities.
Lenovo Reseller Partner logo

Interested in becoming an authorized Lenovo Resell Partner?

If you are an existing Lenovo Partner or are interested in becoming a Lenovo Partner to resell the offerings on the Lenovo Cloud Marketplace, please apply through our Lenovo partner site.


Two business people talking

TruScale Infrastructure Services

Lenovo TruScale is an as-a-service, cloud-like experience with on-prem security and control. It scales very easily, to give you all the power and strategic advantage of the latest data center hardware through a pay-as-you-go business model.
Lenovo Data Center racks

Professional Services

We’ll design the best way to get you from where you are to where you want to be by manging end-to-end architecture, hardware installation, data migration, and system deployment, accelerating your time to productivity and maximizing your ROI.
Help desk experts wearing headsets

Support Services

Enjoy one-call support with Premier Support warranty upgrades and extensions. For more complex issues, a Technical Account Manager with in-depth expertise, serves as a single point of accountability for all your infrastructure services.
Segmented circle

Managed Services

Lenovo Managed Services helps businesses like yours, to gain better performance, limited downtime and peace of mind. With a tailored service, you control and predict your costs and improve system availability and capacity, while reducing your operating expenses.
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