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Smarter Delivers a User Experience That Matters

Bring greater breadth, agility, and quality to your tech deployment and life cycle management with Lenovo TruScale Device as a Service.

Watch Video

Is Your Device Strategy Delivering to the Bottom Line?

Prioritizing user experience is critical with personal and professional lives intertwining, coupled with consumer-like demands in the workplace. This emphasis extends to the technology employed to facilitate these experiences. How can you ensure that your device strategy contributes positively to your bottom line?

of organizations that have adopted DaaS reported a decrease in cost per seat under the program.

IDC, Device as a Service Market Analysis Sponsored by Lenovo, 2021

of CIOs report an increasing use of DaaS year over year.

Lenovo Services & Solutions Group, CIO study, February 2022

of organizations recycle less than 10% of their IT hardware today

Electronic Waste Facts The World Counts

Introducing Lenovo TruScale Device as a Service

Your employees are your top investment. And with TruScale Device as a Service (TruScale DaaS), you'll redefine the role of technology in the user experience. Using our digital workplace solutions, you'll refocus IT and align costs and KPIs with the business. And you'll make a positive impact on both talent retention, worker productivity and embed sustainability in every stage of your IT lifecycle.

The Best Experience

Give Employees Everywhere the Support They Need

With a broad scope of hardware, software, and services, you'll make a greater impact on your organization, regardless of where you do business.

Pay Your Way

Take Advantage of Flexible Payment Options

With the freedom to adapt spending as your organization changes, you'll create new opportunities to save money and time, all while you use resources more wisely.

Keep Workers Working

Ensure a Consistent, Reliable Supply of Quality Devices

With an inventive approach to acquiring and managing devices, you'll accelerate what technology can do for your employees and organization.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Embed Sustainability in Every Stage of Your IT Lifecycle

With sustainability-driven product design, manufacturing, packaging, shipping—even usage and disposal of IT assets—you'll help reduce the environmental footprint of your employee technology.

What Will TruScale DaaS Save You?

How does TruScale DaaS compare to traditional procurement models? See for yourself.

Setting the Global Standard for DaaS

Moor Insights & Strategy, a top-ranked technology industry analyst concludes Lenovo's TruScale DaaS elevates basic DaaS offerings with tailored solutions, world-class ITSM, predictive support, and flexible financing, potentially setting a global standard for DaaS deployment.

Bridge the Gap to Sustainability

This article and checklist provide practical tips on ways to improve sustainability throughout the technology lifecycle as you buy, use, and return devices.

Real TruScale DaaS Customers, Real Results

With greater flexibility, cost-efficiency, and simplicity, more and more organizations have built exceptional user experiences with TruScale DaaS. Check out their stories by scrolling below.

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Everything as a Service

Lenovo TruScale

Rise to meet every opportunity in your digital future with a bold, everything-as-a-service solution for enhancing your power, flexibility and scale.

Drive Better Outcomes

Lenovo Digital Workplace Solutions

Find the right solutions to create the ultimate work habitat and enable employee productivity and security, lower cost, and collaboration. wisely.

Smarter Technology Solutions for Better Business

Lenovo solutions empower transformation that raises the bar on individual productivity, team collaboration, and business agility.

Technology Finance - Simplified

Lenovo Global Financial Services

Lenovo'  s specialist customer financing business helps you bridge the gap between IT strategy and financial decision-making with a choice of flexible funding solutions.

Lenovo's Think Portfolio

Combine hardware, software, services and improve efficiency, productivity, and employee experience, no matter how or where you do business.

Drive Circular IT Outcomes

Lenovo Certified Refurbished PCs

Lenovo TruScale Device as a Service (DaaS) customers will also have more options to optimize their IT mix according to their unique economic and business needs, and with circularity in mind.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Lenovo Sustainability Solutions

Lenovo makes it easy to take smarter sustainability action at every step of the IT lifecycle by simplifying the acquisition, utilization, and return processes of the technology essential for advancing your business forward.

Unlock Innovation & Boost User Efficiency

Lenovo Premier Support Plus

Support your workforce at the same time as driving digital transformation by connecting those who need support with best-in-class user support and issue resolution, anytime and anywhere.

Get in Touch

Ready to redefine the user experience? For more information, or practical next steps, get in touch with the TruScale DaaS team.

Have a Rep Contact You

Our Customers are Very Satisfied.

In a comprehensive 2-year study, Lenovo TruScale DaaS customers rate their experience as "very satisfied", including effectiveness, ease of doing business, likelihood to recommend, and overall service satisfaction.

Looking for SMB Solutions

Empower your SMB with top-tier technology.

Cut IT costs, gain flexible payments, and innovate limitlessly with our tailored SMB solutions.

Explore SMB Solutions

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