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Within Reach
unthinkably unthinkably


Within Reach

Doing the unthinkable means creating something that makes an impact bigger than ourselves. In this story, “Within Reach,” a young engineer uses her own experiences, and her ThinkBook, to design an unthinkable tool to empower a limb-different musician.

Our story begins with our hero, a prosthetics designer, new to her company, and eager to show what she can do. She decided to help a musically-gifted amputee who is trying to perfect her talent.

With the help of her ThinkBook, she finds the courage to share her project idea with the entire firm. The room swells with excitement, and she is given approval to make her unthinkable idea a reality.

Collaborating and creating through her ThinkBook, she works tirelessly on the designs. Her hard work is infectious as more peers join in. Suddenly, what seemed impossible, has become real.

It’s time. The young musician slips the unique prosthetic over her arm. She reaches down, attaches her bow, and draws it across the strings. The most exquisite sound floods the room.

The artist continues to play as our hero looks on with pride. As the young girl finishes, applause fills the room. Our hero, clapping her hand against the prosthetic that she wears, realizes she and the girl have shared a similar song in their lives—both were able to share their passions when no one thought it was possible.


Explore ThinkBook

Looking to tackle your own unthinkable? Push the limits of possibility with the ThinkBook family. Lenovo recommends Windows 11 Pro for business.

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Going green can be dirty work. But when that work is unthinkably innovative, so is the outcome.


Discover how a coat of fresh paint can bring about unthinkable levels of transformation.

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