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Fresh Paint

There is power in transformation. But in order to transform something, you have to change your perspective. You must find new methods of inspiration, and discover new tools, tools built to help you bring your vision to life, like our hero does in this story.

A young programmer, dedicated to his career and community, realizes neighborhood vendors are suffering. Their old market is now rundown and abandoned. Without it, drawing customers is nearly impossible.

As our hero walks to work, he encounters a local street artist painting a vibrant mural on a wall. He looks up at the art and then glances down at this ThinkBook Would it work? Could he do it? Yes!

With the help of the ThinkBook, the programmer and artist work around the clock, in-office and at home, working to create the innovation that will allow them to revitalize their community.

Finally, it’s done. A drone zooms by. And another. They fly towards a beautiful 7-story mural and apply the finishing touches. The drone programmer and artist brim with pride as they look at their beacon of local vitality.

Now, with the vibrant mural welcoming the locals in, the once-rundown building has become a bustling city market. It has come alive with business through the help of an unthinkable idea and the power of ThinkBook.


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