Specific Absorption Rate

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Regulatory Compliance

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)

What is SAR?

SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is the measurement value of the amount of RF (Radio Frequency) energy that is absorbed by the human body when in the presence of radio signals product by electronic devices. Examples of RF energy emitted by computer products are Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, and Wireless WAN transmitter signals.

How is SAR measured?

SAR is measured at the highest output power level of your computer product in laboratory conditions. Although when using the product, the actual SAR level can be well below this value. This is because it is designed to use the minimum power required to reach the Wireless LAN network in your home, or if your product contains WWAN, the WWAN cellular network. Although SAR values for products vary, all SAR values for Lenovo’s products are within safe exposure limits and are considered equally safe.

SAR for your Lenovo product?

Each Lenovo product that contains wireless, is thoroughly tested and evaluated to meet the specific SAR regulations for your country. In order to determine the SAR & RF safety information for your product, refer to the information in the Compliance section of your User Guide.

France SAR

In addition, for notebook and tablet products enabled for the EU, the specific Body/Limb SAR value information is provided in the product Setup Guide that came with your product. This Setup Guide is also available at Lenovo Support.

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