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NEW! Legion Pro 7i Gen 8 (16") &
Legion Pro 5i Gen 8 (16")

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Legion Pro 7i & 7
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Legion Pro 5i & 5


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Legion Y44w-10 Monitor

Legion Gaming Monitor

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Legion H500 Pro Headset

Legion Gaming Mouse

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Legion K500 Keyboard

Legion Gaming Backpack

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Epic frames for your favorite games

Your favorite titles deserve to be seen in their best light: stutter- and blur-free. FPS (frames per second) defines how many unique frames (images) your monitor displays per second. The higher the FPS, the smoother and more responsive your gaming experience will be.

Select a game title and preferred Lenovo Legion PC to see what breathtaking visual experiences await you.

Optimal specs to play:
Apex Legends

Form factor


Graphics card

Up to 140 FPS (FHD)

Recommended Systems

Legion 7i

Frames Per Second (FPS)

Up to
Game performance is estimated by UL based on the 3DMark benchmark test results for each system. The figures provided represent the typical frame rate for each game is frames per second (FPS). Frame rate is affected by many factors such as settings, clock frequency, component temperature, and software load and may vary for each game. Software changes such as Windows updates, driver updates, and game updates may affect performance. Some systems may perform more consistently than others.


What is it?

The processor (aka CPU) is a critical component that acts as the brain of your PC. The CPU controls how your computer operates and how quickly your applications will run. Lenovo Legion PCs are equipped with the latest, most advanced CPUs.


Graphics Card

What is it?

The graphics card (aka GPU) is the component that handles the creation and rendering of images, videos, and animations. The GPU works in tandem with the CPU to give you the best visual experience possible.

Which one is right for you?

The right GPU depends on what you intend to do with your PC, whether it’s gaming, 3D rendering, or binge-watching content. Pick GTX if you’re looking for excellent framerates on classic AAA titles, or RTX for those visually immersive reflections and lighting effects thanks to Ray-Tracing Technology.