ThinkAgile VX HCI solutions for VMware environments

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ThinkAgile VX Series

Streamline your hybrid cloud and accelerate time-to-value

Implement a hybrid cloud environment with Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series, a turnkey hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution for faster deployments and seamless operational management, powered by industry-leading VMware software.

ThinkAgile VX configuration flexibility

Engineered integrated turnkey solution for VMware environments

Lenovo ThinkAgile VX is a fully integrated system built on the most reliable and secure servers that are tested and validated for vSAN compliance to handle any workload and application, including AI. ThinkAgile VX Series helps you implement a hybrid cloud environment and modernize your IT datacenter from edge to cloud using industry-leading VMware software.

With flexible all-flash and hybrid storage options, scale compute or storage capacity easily and accelerate performance for your vital cloud-native application deployments in a hybrid or multi-cloud world.

Streamlines operations


Reduction in deployment time1

Accelerated deployment and simplified hardware and software lifecycle management in VMware vCenter

Flexibility and scalability

Flexible and scalable


Savings in capital expenses2

Do more with less: Run more workloads with fewer hosts with our broadest selection of scalable components certified for VMware vSAN

ThinkAgile Advantage Support

Reliable and secure


Optimization in TCO3

Optimize performance and security, minimize risk, and ensure data resiliency with a single point of contact support for faster resolution

Platform refresh with Intel and AMD processors

What’s new – improved performance and enhanced snapshots for seamless data protection

Unleash infrastructure performance with Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series V3 powered by the latest 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® processors and 4th Generation AMD EPYC™ that deliver faster insights with up to 75% increase4 in memory bandwidth and lower power costs with Titanium PSUs.

  • Improved TCO with support for new vSAN AF-0 profile and 4x better storage compression
  • Up to 150% increase in VM limit with vSAN ESA
  • Support for integrated file services (NFS, SMB protocols)
  • 27% lower latency and improved security with NVIDIA DPU cards (SmartNICs)


VCF on ThinkAgile VX

Hybrid Cloud with VCF

Enables management of both container-based and traditional VM-based workloads on a single platform to increase business agility and responsiveness.

Analytics with SAP HANA

Manage highly flexible and application-driven storage configurations with the scalability needed to meet SAP HANA application requirements.
Client virtualization with VDI

Virtual desktops

ThinkAgile VX helps organizations centrally manage the virtualization of desktop images within corporate IT environments while ensuring security and manageability.
Backup and disaster recovery

Backup and disaster recovery

Using vSAN-ready software like Veeam to provide unique backup and recovery options allow for more integrated and highly efficient availability.
TruScale infrastructure services on ThinkAgile VX

TruScale infrastructure services on ThinkAgile VX

TruScale Hybrid Cloud with VMware offers a more flexible consumption-based model to deploy a modern Hybrid Cloud platform.

Our unique pay-as-you-go services with TruScale leverage utilization and metering technology to let you benefit from real-time cost insights, for efficient and predictable budgeting.


Lenovo and VMware partnership

Lenovo and VMware partnership

Lenovo and VMware announce collaboration on jointly engineered solutions for the Edge and hybrid multi-cloud with ThinkAgile VX Series as the foundational building block.
Improve storage performance using VMware vSAN Express Storage Architecture

Improve storage performance with vSAN 8 ESA

Express Storage Architecture (ESA) on ThinkAgile VX Series with Micron NVMe drives enables customers to achieve new levels of efficiency, scalability and performance.
Streamline operations with ease of deployment and lifecycle management

Ease of deployment and lifecycle management

Streamline operations with faster deployment and improved lifecycle management for the entire HCI stack with ThinkAgile VX Deployer and Lenovo XClarity Integrator.

Accelerate and secure your distributed workloads

Enhance security and save up to 20% processing cores by offloading network functions with NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPU cards (SmartNIC).

Customer success stories


TruScale 인프라 서비스

Lenovo TruScale은 사내 보안 및 제어 기능을 갖춘, 클라우드와 같은 서비스형 작업 환경입니다. 매우 쉽게 확장할 수 있으므로 종량제 비즈니스 모델을 통해 최신 데이터 센터 하드웨어의 모든 기능과 전략적 이점을 얻을 수 있습니다.

전문적인 서비스

종단 간 아키텍처, 하드웨어 설치, 데이터 마이그레이션 및 시스템 배포를 관리함으로써 현재 위치에서 원하는 위치로 이동하는 최상의 방법을 설계하므로 생산성 향상 및 ROI 극대화에 드는시간을 절약할 수 있습니다.

지원 서비스

프리미어 지원 보증 업그레이드 및 연장으로 원 콜(one-call) 지원을 경험하십시오. 보다 복잡한 문제의 경우 심도 있는 전문 지식을 갖춘 기술 계정 관리자가 모든 인프라 서비스에 대해 단일 책임 창구 역할을 담당합니다.
Coworkers at terminal suggesting managed services

관리형 서비스

Lenovo 관리형 서비스는 귀사와 같은 기업이 더 나은 성능, 제한된 가동 중단 시간을 경험할 수 있고 편안한 마음을 가질 수 있도록 돕습니다. 맞춤형 서비스를 통해 비용을 제어 및 예측하고 시스템 가용성과 용량을 개선하는 동시에 운영 비용을 절감할 수 있습니다.

1 Based on Lenovo internal testing. Actual results may vary. [↑]

2 Forrester, “The Total Economic Impact of VMware vSAN”, September 2019. Actual results may vary. [↑]

3 “VMware HCI Applications Study”. September 2020. Actual results may vary. [↑]

4 Compared to previous generation platform. [↑]

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