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Support Services

Around the world and around the clock, our experts help safeguard your IT investment - 24/7/365

Get the ideal support and services to optimize operations and accelerate innovation for your business. We offer customized options to meet your specific business needs and response-time goals.

Spend more time innovating and less time maintaining with Lenovo Infrastructure Support Services

As data centers evolve, keeping everything running can be difficult.

Many IT professionals are facing these challenges:

  • Too much time managing and maintaining infrastructure
  • Higher risks when faced with downtime due to infrastructure failure
  • Resource and budget constraints

How do you address everything on your plate and prioritize the innovation that your business expects? We’re here to help with a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to meet today's and tomorrow's challenges.

We simplify the decision-making process, with services for every stage of your journey and pre-defined scopes that nail your requirements. Lenovo Data Center Support Services will ensure you're ready for the toughest challenges that lie ahead.


Our comprehensive support solutions alleviate the problems encountered with maintaining and optimizing your data center. Giving you greater flexibility, with services that meet the needs of a particular system, workload, or application environment. Discover Lenovo’s full lifecycle services spectrum.

Premier Support

Welcome to a new level of data center support. Get direct access to Lenovo’s most advanced technicians on the first call. For faster diagnosis, a single point of contact, and end-to-end problem resolution, including third-party software support.

Preconfigured Support

Choose the response level you need for critical and non-critical applications and workloads. From next-business-day to 2-hour onsite response, and on-site installation of all replacement parts. Seamlessly maximize uptime and safeguard sensitive data.

Account Management

Your Account Manager helps you benefit from your technology investment today—and stay on top of the information and insights you need for tomorrow. By expediting service requests, tracking incidents over time, and providing operational updates.

Managed Services

Lenovo Managed Services remotely monitor your data center enhancing security and reliability for maximum performance and stability. Performance management, includes health checks, updates, and capacity planning, to boost innovation and productivity.


Lenovo's Carbon Offset Service sets you on the path to zero emissions computing and carbon neutrality. You can also minimize waste and maximize the value of your Lenovo hardware at the end of its useful life, with our Asset Recovery Services.

Enterprise Server Software Support

Our Enterprise Server Software Support makes it easy to get comprehensive assistance for a wide range of server operating systems and Microsoft server applications. A single call helps you troubleshoot your entire server software stack—if necessary.

Customer success stories

How our customers are using Lenovo data center solutions to solve unique challenges and achieve their goals.

Istituto di Istruzione Superiore C.E. Gadda customer story

Istituto di Istruzione Superiore C.E. Gadda

How Lenovo helped Istituto di Istruzione Superiore C. E. Gadda create a virtual desktop infrastructure based on VMware Horizon® and Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series appliances, allowing it to train its students whether they are working on campus or at home. Racing – Ducati Team customer story Racing – Ducati Team

To help its riders and engineers make the optimal decisions to cut down lap times, Racing – Ducati Team uses Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 edge servers and ThinkPad P1 laptops to rapidly capture, analyyze, and visualize race telemetry after the end of each race.
Montes A/S customer story

Montes A/S

Learn how Montes A/S chose to invest in Lenovo ThinkAgile MX for Lenovo ThinkAgile MX for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, enabling them to seamlessly transition customers with overall performance gains, of up to 400 - 600% in certain areas.


Key features of premier support


Lenovo Premier Support Services

Get direct access to skilled technicians and improve the stability of your data center operations. Make the most of your technology investment—and be free to focus on those areas that give your business a competitive edge.
Technical account manager deliverables

Solution Brief

Lenovo Technical Account Management Services

Your TAM serves as a trusted technical advisor, providing a single point of contact to keep your business running smoothly today, and helps leverage Lenovo's world-class expertise as you meet tomorrow's IT challenges.
Security, maintenance and asset recovery


Lenovo Security, Maintenance and Asset Recovery

Protect and optimize your technology investment with our security and maintenance health checks. Sustainability services help mitigate the environmental and data security risks associated with end-of-life asset disposal.
Support services lifecycle from the data center to the edge


Lenovo Infrastructure Support Services Lifecycle

Lenovo Infrastructure Support delivers infrastructure lifecycle services from the data center to the edge, to customers. Starting with discovery to understand the business outcomes and the best solution for that business.

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