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Lenovo 會第一時間將最新產品帶到官方專門店,讓您可以比其他人更快更早體驗最新電腦型號 ! 我們更會展出 eShop 及官方專門店獨家型號,您可以在 eShop 購買之前先到官方專門店確認產品是否適合您的需要,讓您買得不同,買得更好。


Lenovo 官方專門店定期推出獨家優惠,例如 O2O 自訂優惠、Trade-in 優惠或指定產品優惠同綑裝,讓您買得不同,買得更好。


Lenovo 官方專門店的專業團隊能為您提供專業產品推介,並於訂購自訂電腦時協助您選購最適合您的配置,確保您每一分錢都用得其所,讓您買得不同,買得更好。

Click & Collect 輕鬆網購 到貨店取

於 Lenovo eShop 訂購電腦但希望於門市取貨 ? 沒問題 ! 只需於訂購前跟隨這裡的指示,即可以將您的訂單送到 Lenovo 官方專門店,並於您方便的時間到訪 Lenovo 官方專門店提貨。


Lenovo官方專門店提供暫存維修服務,如果您的 Lenovo 產品出現有任何問題,您可以於 Lenovo eShop 完成預約後,於指定日期帶同您的 Lenovo 產品到 Lenovo 官方專門店。我們會首先為您作初步疑難排解,如果我們無法於現埸為您解決相關問題,您可以留下您的產品,我們會為您將故障的產品帶到 Lenovo 支援中進行維修。詳情請參閱這裡

Lenovo 官方專門店地址: 銅鑼灣渣甸街 36 號 1 樓全層
營業時間: 星期一至日 上午 10 時至晚上 8 時 (包括公眾假期)
聯絡電話: 2592 9822

Lenovo Official Brand Store Trade In Program

Evaluate Now

1. Bring your device to Lenovo Store
Search your trade-in product and trade-in value and bring it to Lenovo Store
Address: 1/F, 36 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay

2. Condition check and evaluation
Your Trade-in Product(s) will be examined at store. Once your item(s) are verified, Lenovo staff will inform your final Trade-in offer.

3. Get the coupon
The coupon will be given immediately

4. Enjoy shopping at Lenovo Store
You can buy selected product at Lenovo store product by using the coupon to enjoy discount instantly.
(The e-coupon is valid for below selected series of products only)
• ThinkPad
• ThinkBook
• ThinkCentre
• ThinkStation
• Legion



Not available at home or office for our delivery?

Simply follow our “Click & Collect” instructions to order your products on Lenovo eShop, and you can pick your order up at our retail store in Causeway Bay. (Delivery time of “Click & Collect” orders are the same as normal Lenovo eShop orders, which is about 3 weeks after order is placed)

Lenovo Brand Store Click & Collect Lenovo Brand Store Click & Collect Lenovo Brand Store Click & Collect

1. Choose the products you want like you used to order from Lenovo eShop… Don’t forget the warranty upgrade and accessories!

2. Confirm your model and configuration in your shopping cart

3. Choose Ship to Store as your delivery option in your shopping cart

4. Proceed to payment and finish placing your order.

Lenovo Brand Store Click & Collect

1. After your order has been placed successfully, our team will confirm you in 1-2 business days that your order will be delivered to our store after it is shipped from plant

2. After all items has arrived our store, we will remind you via phone or email

3. Bring along the invoice or order confirmation email and visit our store in Causeway Bay and pick your order up at anytime during our working hour!

Lenovo Brand Store Click & Collect Lenovo Brand Store Click & Collect