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Industry-leading product testing for durability and reliability

Since 2007, Lenovo has used the US Department of Defense’s MIL-STD 810G* standards to help our products strike a perfect balance of value and durability right out of the box.

ThinkPad products are currently tested for 12 total methods and 20 procedures:

  • Mechanical Shock

    Mechanical Shock

    High acceleration, repeated shock pulses over 18 times.

  • Vibration


    Tested while running and turned off.

  • Shipboard Vibration

    Shipboard Vibration

    4-33Hz for 2 hrs.

  • Humidity


    91–98% relative humidity, at 30–60°C.

  • Sand & Dust

    Sand & Dust

    140 mesh silica dust for 6 hr. cycles and silica sand for 90 min. cycles.

  • Fungus


    28 days with common fungus sources.

  • Altitude


    Tested for operations at 15,000 feet.

  • Solar radiation

    Solar radiation

    Seven 24-hr. cycles of simulated UV radiation.

  • Explore atmosphere

    Explore atmosphere

    Fuel vapor environment.

  • Low Temperature

    Low Temperature

    Storage: -25°C for 24 hrs. Operation: -21°C for 8 hrs.

  • Extreme Temperature

    Extreme Temperature

    -25 – 60°C over 3 cycles of 2 hr. duration.

  • High Temperature

    High Temperature

    Storage: 63°C for 24 hrs. Operation: 43°C for 8 hrs.

Lenovo’s dedication to constantly improving product quality means rigorous testing for reliability and durability. In addition to our extensive in-house testing for real-world challenges, Lenovo ThinkPad® devices are tested against twelve MIL-STD 810G Methods and twenty Procedures to demonstrate their toughness.

*MIL-STD 810G establishes a methodology for testing products against environmental stresses under controlled laboratory conditions. Such testing is not a guarantee of future performance under these test conditions. Abuse, like that contained in MIL-STD 810G testing, is not covered under Lenovo’s standard warranty.

©2017 Lenovo. All rights reserved. Lenovo reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time, without notice. Lenovo makes every effort to ensure accuracy of all information but is not liable or responsible for any editorial, photographic or typographic errors. All images are for illustration purposes only. Lenovo, the Lenovo logo, and ThinkPad are trademarks of Lenovo. v1.10 December 2017.

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