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Human interacting with AI application

Lenovo AI Innovators Partner Ecosystem

Smarter AI embedded in everything we do

We provide state-of-the art enterprise AI solutions for multiple industries, enabling faster, safer, and more efficient deployments. Our infrastructure solutions are optimized for the complexities and challenges of delivering AI for all, from edge to cloud.

Smarter AI embedded in everything we do

With the recent growth and adoption of generative AI, companies are aggressively exploring how to leverage it for competitive advantage, but integrating AI solutions adds complexity to their infrastructure.

To mitigate these challenges, Lenovo continues to invest in and extend its AI Innovators Program to help organizations gain access to enterprise AI by partnering with more than 50 of the industry’s leading software providers.

Partners of the Lenovo AI Innovators Program get access to our AI Discover Labs, where they validate their solutions and launch a proof of concept. 

Our resident AI experts help ensure compliance with Lenovo's responsible AI guidelines to secure data, have a clear understanding of the predictions, mitigate bias and discrimination, facilitate auditability, have responsibility frameworks in case of failure, and follow human rights and the rule of law while protecting privacy and personal data throughout the system's entire lifecycle.

Now, organizations can find business-ready generative AI solutions that help improve their customer experience, increase satisfaction and retention, reallocate resources, and enhance decision-making by harnessing the value of their data.


Best-in-class performance

Partners access Lenovo AI-ready infrastructure

Our partners have access to our best-in-class, AI infrastructure, and Lenovo’s support throughout its entire lifecycle, for faster deployments.

Effortless scalability

Partners leverage Lenovo AI expertise and ecosystem

Lenovo AI Discover Lab enables our partners to validate their solutions, execute proof of concept, and comply with Lenovo’s Responsible AI guidelines.

Line icon of companies using AI

Companies find enterprise AI solutions

Companies can find enterprise AI solutions for multiple industries including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, smart cities, and finance.

Line icon of business-ready generative AI solutions

Business-ready generative AI solutions

Business-ready generative AI solutions are available to all companies. They can train with their own data without risking its confidentiality.

Lenovo AI Innovator partner solutions

Solutions built with the Lenovo AI Innovators program

Healthcare professional looking at digital images.


Lenovo and NVIDIA partnered with Chooch to offer healthcare solutions to improve remote patient monitoring, cellular analysis to identify tumors in a shorter time frame and monitor surgical and anesthetic procedures.

Lenovo and C2RO


Lenovo and Intel® partnered with C2RO to offer real time insights for retailers to improve their performance and protect their stores, without sharing and storing sensitive biometric information in compliance with global privacy regulations.

Lenovo AI delivers faster, more accurate simulations


Lenovo and Intel® partnered with byteLake to offer industry 4.0 solutions that helps manufacturers improve quality, enhance process monitoring and provide predictive maintenance with visual inspections and CFD.

Customer using a smartphone at a kiosk.


Lenovo and NVIDIA power up DeepBrain’s generative AI integration into virtual assistants to provide enhanced customer support,using a model trained with a company’s own data without risking its confidentiality.


Virtual F1 track

F1 racing with ThinkReality VRX & generative AI

Learn how Lenovo and Formula 1 are using Augmented Reality and generative AI to improve fan experience with the ThinkReality VRX.

Lenovo pillars of responsible AI

Lenovo Responsible AI

Learn how Lenovo’s Responsible AI committee created six pillars for Responsible AI mitigate risk and drive value for customers, globally.

Person with VR googles

Lenovo Tech World 2023 Racing with ThinkReality VRX

Learn how Lenovo and F1 put fans in the driver’s seat with ThinkReality VRX to race in Austin’s COTA circuit.

Avatar using generative AI

Lenovo Tech World 2023 DeepBrain AI

Learn more about a business-ready integration of generative AI for customer experience, showcased in Tech World 2023.

Man in a digital environment

Lenovo & NVIDIA provide GenAI solutions

Lenovo & NVIDIA offer the most comprehensive AI portfolio, proven expertise, and advisory support, unlocking the power of GenAI for every industry.

Lenovo Briefing Centers

Lenovo Briefing Centers

Meet our AI experts in the Lenovo Executive Briefing Center to learn how our solutions can help your organization up for success.

People in workshop setting

Explore our workshops

Lenovo AI experts can help with customized options that meet business and response-time goals to drive your business forward.

Woman and digital twin

Lenovo AI for All

Taking Analytics & AI from the realm of research to reality. We’ve simplified the adoption process, with optimized infrastructure, proven expertise, and pre-validated solutions, to power your enterprise.

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