Find everything you need to optimize Data Center infrastructure.

  1. Lenovo 42U 1100mm Enterprise V2 Dynamic & Expansion Racks

    Designed to Fit Your Server.
    Server cabinets optimized for use with the complete line of System x & BladeCenter systems.

  2. Lenovo Rack Rear Door Heat eXchanger V2

    Industry-Leading Cooling Systems.
    Uses chilled water to provide cooling for individual server cabinets.

  3. Analog - Local 1x8 Console Manager (LCM8)

    Remote Access & Console Kits.
    Provides enhanced out-of-band local access, management, & security capabilities to System x & BladeCenter environments.

  4. Lenovo 0U 21 C13/12 C19 48A 3 Phase PDU

    Space-Efficient & Outlet-Dense.
    Provides the most cost-effective power distribution.

  5. Lenovo RT3kVA 2U Rack or Tower UPS

    Power Protection.
    Safeguards the high-availability of your server environment with increased efficiency and simplified power management.

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